Hello Hot Stuff!

Prada S/S 2012 heels
image courtesy of google.com
I’ve been waiting for these babies to show up on the Prada website, but still no luck!  Enjoy the eye candy for your feet! 

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17 thoughts on “Hello Hot Stuff!

  1. Oh, wow!! Can’t you just see some type of super hero wearing those heels? Or a grecian goddess? =) They’re gorgeous!

  2. Oh my gosh – this are uh-mazing! I think they would be the perfect shoe for Giselle or someone to wear down the runway. I don’t think they would be appreciated fully here on the streets of Denver LOL!
    XO – Marion

  3. oh my lord of the rings.. those shoes are HOT!!!
    <3 happily following back darling!! muah!

    love, jamie

  4. I love these shoes and have been eyeing them for a while now too :) So you have a competitor!

    Happy New Year darling to you and your family!


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