Thank You and Thankful

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  We flew home the day after Christmas and got in late.  It was bittersweet to be in NJ/NY because I love visiting family and the city, but it was really hard to see a loved one ill.  My uncle is out of the hospital, but has a hard road ahead of him.  I’m thankful for my aunts, uncles, and cousins {especially I* and D*} who worked together to make such a difficult time better with a loving and welcoming environment.
And thank you for your words of encouragement, prayer, and comfort.  {And even a nice hello while I couldn’t visit your blog!}  It’s amazing how much love is out there, especially from… Iris, Kim, Heather, Nini, Marlene, Mashawna, Divya, Tricia, Sam, Stacey, Jen, Stacie, Phu, Cindy, Sherri, Elizabeth, Michelle, Sonja, Anarys, Lindsey, Mike, Susan, Alvin, Bryce, Hanh, Bessie, James, Don, Lilly, Inna, Thu, Lili, Label me Addict, The Curvy Girl, Bajan Beauty, Steph G, Ashley, Aline, Callandra, Chic Chic, Dreama, Sayaka, Brianna, Kat, Jeannie, Alyssa, Danielle Celeste, Katrina, G from 7eventh Letter, Ling, Katattack 2000, Tali, Katherine, Chris, Tiffany, Cryskay, Marion, Lena, Trice, June, Nik, and Kimberly L.
I will start my regular posts in January 2012!!!  Can you believe how fast this year has gone by??

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11 thoughts on “Thank You and Thankful

  1. I know, time just flew by! First Thanksgiving, Christmas and in a couple of days 2012! Glad that you are back in your cozy home. Hope everything is OK and can’t wait to see your beautiful smile again in an upcoming post my dear!

  2. I hope everything is ok with your uncle!! I can’t wait for more posts in 2012! I hope it will be an amazing year for you and your family!


  3. Glad to hear your uncle is out of the hospital and he has great family support. Also, glad you are back and can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2012!

  4. I wish you Samantha and your uncle and all your family all the best and great-great-great 2012!!
    Will be waiting for your posts in January!


  5. Sam, I was wondering what had happened to you! I hope all is well and I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle. I hope he makes a recovery….

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