Fashion Stalker

Scenario…  You’re walking and a spot someone with a fabulous bag, heel, coat, etc.  Do you speed up to get a better view?  I confess.  I have!  I’m a fashion stalker. The first time it happened, I was in Paris and spotted a chic women with a Lancel bag.  {I didn’t know what it was at the time.}  My leisurely stroll turned into an almost jog so I could get another glimpse of that beautiful bag!  Recently, I caught myself doing the same thing again when a lady with a gorgeous coat walked by in the mall.  I realized I was fashion stalking her!! 

Here are a few fabulous ladies I would gladly fashion stalk on the street…

Giovanna Battaglia
Courtesy of

Christine Centenera

Courtesy of
Taylor Tomasi Hill
Courtesy of
Shala Monroque
Courtesy of

Have you ever been a fashion stalker??

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Stalker

  1. Loves it! I dont generally fashion stalk because I am so oblivious…but then one time, I was stopped and asked where I got my Powerpuff Girls tin bag!! That was many many many moons ago lol

  2. Yes, I am guilty as charged. I also go up and ask them what they are wearing too sometimes if I really like it, it’s awful!

    I hope everything is OK on your end with family issues and such and that you are still able to enjoy the holidays somewhat!

  3. oh I love all of these ladies. And you captured my dear friend Guerre (the gent in the yellow pants) in the second image:)

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