Dressing Up Jeans

Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans…

blazer | Old Navy {similar on sale at JCrew}
jeans | Old Navy {similar}
belt as necklace | JCrew {here}
pink stone ring | HivenJ
oui ring | Etsy {similar and love ring in silver
heels | Lanvin for H&M {similar and love these}

My favorite jeans were purchased with my cousin in 2000 when we lived in Austin.  We both bought a pair for $9.99, and they are my go-to comfy jeans.  {She told me that she even wore these through part of her pregnancies!}
Although these are my comfy casual jeans, it’s easy to dress them up.  I added some glitz and glam with a velvet blazer {also from 2000}, sequin clutch, and heels.  The flower belt is so pretty that I wore it as a choker.  {And excuse the Bono pose above!  I just wanted to show you the fun pink interior of my jacket!}
How do you dress up your favorite jeans?

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23 thoughts on “Dressing Up Jeans

  1. I love the Bono pose!!! I’m lovin all of your poses girl. Sam I’m seeing a difference in your photo taking girl and I AM LOVING IT! Those jeans are fab and think it’s so cool that you used that belt as a choker. Looks so good! Love that glittery clutch. Have an amazing weekend my friend! ((HUG))

  2. Oh that clutch really makes a difference! I love love the heels, which is funny because when I saw them for the first time publicized, I hated them!
    Keep up*

  3. Hi Sam,
    First time poster, long time reader :)
    The first picture is STUNNING!!

    I ordered that clutch from J Crew but have’t opened it yet because I was worried the glitter might shed, and am debating whether to return in. Have you experienced any glitter loss?

  4. @Mary

    Hi Mary!!

    Thanks for commenting for the first time!!

    I got the clutch when it was a sale on sale so it ended up being ~$35. The glitter does shed. I wore it to a holiday party the other night and there is a some glitter in my car. I’ve decided that I like the clutch enough and the price was reasonable so I wanted to keep it even if there is glitter loss! Hope that helps!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  5. @Samantha

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for your reply! I am leaning toward keeping it now – (it would be an international return which is always a pain in the neck) I got it for a 30% discount off the sale price, so I think it’s worth keeping solely on your fabulous outfit!

    It’s in its plastic wrap in my trunk…maybe I should bring her in :)

  6. you look absolutely gorgeous, sam. the photos are amazing, and love the little details such as the choker and the blazer with the purple lining. :) i love wearing blazers with jeans also and dressing it up.

  7. You cleverly glam up the casual jeans look :)
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but these days you practically glow! You look so radiant. :D

  8. jeans for 10$! love the knee slit, it’s so trend now I think, with the memorable Alexander Wang jeans. Love the whole look, and *adoring* the flower!! You look so lovely.

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