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No matter how big or small your closet, it’s nice to make it a happy haven.  I got the same question from TWO of my girlfriends on the same day!  “How do your organize and decorate your closet?”  It was meant to be… a closet post.

My springboard for inspiration is a chic boutique.  Make your closet a place you want to visit!  Whenever you shop at your favorite stores, take note of the way they display things.  What we want to do is bring the store to your home so you love to shop in your closet!!  Of course items need to be organized, but you can make it beautiful too!

The first step is organization.  {Everyone has a different preference, but I’m letting you know what works for me.}

Hanging clothes: I’ve been streamlining my hangers to the space saving hangers.  {I usually get them from Costco.}  My tops are organized by color and then sleeve length.  Bottoms are categorized into skirts or slacks and then sorted by color.  In order to save space, I have swing arm pant hangers that hang 4 pairs of pants.

Jeans:  Instead of taking up precious hanging space, I fold my jeans into thirds and have two piles.  One pile is for boot cut/flare jeans, and the other pile is for skinny jeans.
Sweaters:  I hang my sweaters that get regular use i.e. cashmere sweaters.  If they are bulky, then I fold it into thirds and draped as shown.

Drawers:  Keeping an organized drawer can be the bane of my existence.  For smaller items like socks and bras, I want things neatly separated.  You can buy drawer organizers, but I used an inexpensive alternative.  Shoe boxes without the cover function as great dividers.  My drawer is separated into tights, trouser socks, and work out socks.

Scarves:  In order to easily see and use my scarves, I hang them with open hangers.

Shoes:  I am lucky to have multiple shelves in this closet.  I saw Jessica Alba’s closet in InStyle and was inspired to do the same.  Each pair of shoes has one facing front and one facing back.  This way, you know the heel height/type.  It’s genius {if you have the room}!  Previously, I used a shoe rack and sorted my shoes by heel type i.e. high, wedge, flats.

Handbags: I borrowed this idea from Kelly of The Glamourai.  These IKEA shelves are perfect to separate spaces for handbags.  {There is a taller set also.}

The next step is the fun part!  Accessorize!  Accessorize!  Accessorize!  I like to accessorize with my accessories!  Let your baubles be your closet decor!  And it’s easy to find inexpensive and cute decor at places like Marshalls, Ross, Target, and TJ Maxx.

Backdrop:  Fun shelf liner can make a nice backdrop to display your jewelry or shoes.  I bought some material at the fabric store and tacked it on the back of my closet.  I also found a small mirror at Marshalls to hang near my necklaces.  {It has “You look fabulous” inscribed on it!}

Necklaces:  Mine are displayed on a jewelry tree {as seen above}.  You can find similar things at Marshalls {or I like this one}!  To display my longer necklaces, I used an old cork-board and pins. {To get really fancy, I could have spray painted the corkboard!}

Bracelets:  My mother gave me these acrylic bracelet displays from the Container Store.  It makes me feel like I’m shopping for bracelets!  I took one and stacked it on old boxes for height so I could hang some necklaces.  {I also like this one – who doesn’t need a deer to help with jewelry!}

Rings:  Rings are piled into a cute little Ikat bowl.  {I do have a small jewelry box for real jewelry.}

Brooches: I’ve pinned my flower brooches onto a long ribbon and attached it to a free edge on my closet.  You see all your pins and they look pretty on display!

Belts:  Belts are on a hook rack from Marshalls with rings off a different belt rack {because I have so many belts}!  They are separated into skinny, medium, and wide.

Bags:  I save some of my pretty shopping bags and display them on the top shelf where I don’t store things.  {Yes, you may call me the bag lady!}  Again, you feel like you’re shopping in your closet!

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of room in your closet, you could even add a rug, a stool, and/or a chandelier.  Again, any of those items can be found on a budget.  Or you could be extravagant…  Hello dream closet!

Nanette Lepore’s closet | courtesy of
And since so many of you mentioned having smaller closets, I added this pic of Kelly’s closet from The Glamourai.  She has done wonderful things with her small closet.  Read the full story here!!

Have fun and remember to think outside of the box!  Just because you don’t find something in the closet or organization section doesn’t mean it can’t be used for that purpose.  I found a pretty teacup and saucer on sale at Anthropologie.  I use it to hold my perfume samples and smaller jewelry in my bathroom!

Hope this has been helpful for those looking for closet inspiration and decor! {Let me know if you have any questions!}

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22 thoughts on “Closet Therapy

  1. Such a great post! I organize my closet almost like you. I love those space saving hangers. I really like the way you hung your belts too.


  2. Hello Sam…may I please fly you back to Chicago so that you can help me reorganize my closet pretty please???? Your closet is so neat, and your jewelry is so nicely arranged. Mine is stored in clear plastic baggies individually in an amazon box…yes very fabulous! ugh.

  3. I love the cork board idea for the necklaces and the teacup and saucer so cute! You inspired me to ‘pretty up’ my closet! Can’t wait :)

  4. I love this post Sam!! Everything is so organised and I love the way you display everything! The space saving hangers are a life saver i’ve slowly been switching all mine out to these! I love to keep nice shopping bags too, but I have no where to display them, one day i’ll have a walk in closet *fingers crossed*


  5. Sam, your closet and ideas are super amazing girl! I love how everything has a place. Organization is truly key and helpful. I love how you’ve added things you love to your closet space. Those store bags and that tea cup are fabulous inspirations. Ohhhh how I want a walk in with fabulous chandelier and chair. So dreamy! Beautiful post girl. I love it!

  6. Your closet is so pretty!! It makes me want to go hang up the clean clothes that are currently sitting on my closet floor… And organize my ridiculously messy jewelry drawer!

  7. I love seeing how people organize their closets! When I redid mine earlier this year, my number one must have was uniform hangers. I have those space saving ones (clearance at Bed Bath, score!) and they are really the best!

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