When Life Gets Crazy

Hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday if you celebrated.  I stuffed my belly full of food {ah… pumpkin pie}!  When the holiday season comes around, life can be overwhelming at times.  I reminisce about simple times… when I didn’t have a cell phone, when I drove a 4-speed manual, and my to-do list was shorter.  Don’t we all wish for those times again?

sweater | Celine (NM Last Call) {similar}
skirt | Morgan (mom) {similar and another}
booties | Givenchy (NM Last Call) {similar on sale}
bracelet | thrifted {kinda similar}
camera case | Coach {I like this}
oui ring | Etsy {here}
onyx/gold ring | (dad) {I like this}
sunglasses | Prada {here}
My mom gave me this skirt after college graduation.  {That was 1998 people!}  It’s white and simple.  However, it’s impossible to figure out what to wear with it because the slit is so high.  When I wear it with regular heels, I feel too provocative.  It finally dawned on me to wear it with booties to toughen the look.  {K.I.S.S.}
Remember K.I.S.S.?  {Keep it simple sweetie!}  That is a great piece of advice!

25 thoughts on “When Life Gets Crazy

  1. I agree with the comment above, the red lipstick looks great. This is such a classy, but modern look if that makes sense. Glad you were able to make the skirt work, its gorgeous! Heather

  2. Such a beautiful look for the upcoming holiday season! The booties are a great addition, as is that wonderful red lipstick, it looks wonderful on you!

  3. whatttttt
    u almost fooled me this time.
    i thought from the first paragraph, u’re gonna share some outfits to cover up the overstuffed belly!
    but i was dead wrong.
    u look smashing as always, and it’s just not fair!

  4. Sam, you look so beautiful girl! I was admiring that first pic of you for several minutes. You’re so pretty. Girl, I WISH I could fit in the stuff from ’98. You’ve done well. Maybe I can work on that ’12 HAHAHA Your mom has exquisite taste! That skirt is awesome and I love that sweater top. The sprinkles of sequins are truly amazing. For edginess, just add a bootie. You should get more of those kind of shoes, because you can rock them. I’d love to see a purple one on you. Love this outfit! You know when I do, because I just type and type and…oh you get the point pretty lady. Have a nice evening. ((HUG))

  5. Your NM Last Call Center carries Celine????? OMG…that is SO NOT FAIR. I love the first photo of you sitting and yup a high slit with high heels can feel provocative but isn’t that what slits are…hehehe

  6. Loving the first photo Sam, you look absolutely gorgeous in it. This outfit is def. a sizzling one, and not just from the slit of the skirt =) You always look amazing in everything and I can’t believe you still fit something from 1998, such a great figure – so jealous!

  7. Thank you everyone! Y’all are so sweet! :)

    @ Jelita78 – Sorry Jelita! Wasn’t trying to trick! I just started rambling about everything! :)

  8. I didn’t want to repeat what the rest have said earlier on but really Sam, you look so beautiful (than usual ;p) in the first picture!

  9. Simplicity is the best, you look so classy in this b/w combo Sam. That skirt is really something stylish. Boy your figure has not changed since 1998?!?! Mine has gone through some major modifications..lol.

  10. what is the color of your lipstick? That was the first thing I noticed in the first picture. You’re so pretty! Would I look pretty too if I wore the same lipstick? I doubt it but I can try:)

    1. @Anonymous

      Thank you! It’s the Lanvin for H&M red that came out awhile ago. I know you are supposed to get rid of cosmetics after a certain time, but it’s the perfect red and I can’t find a replacement. You may be able to find it on ebay? Hope that helps! :)

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