I was at lunch with my friend Nini yesterday, and she brought up an interesting subject.  Repeating clothes.  This is what I wore.  I’ve worn this particular sweater and pair of pants already this month, but reached for them without giving it a second thought.  Do you repeat your outfits/items of clothing within the week?  Or month?

turtleneck :: Guess {similar here and here}
pants :: Alice and Olivia {similar here}
cuff :: Mai Tai
oui ring :: Etsy
tiger eye ring :: gifted from my cousin
bag :: Hermes
boots :: Repetto 

I will repeat an outfit when I’m running late and don’t have time to be “creative”.  I’ve said this before, but most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.  I AM one of those people.  I want to edit my closet so I will wear 80% of my wardrobe 80% of the time.  Those are better statistics!  One recommendation I’ve heard is to turn your hanger the opposite way every time you wear an item.  After a year {or whatever time period specified}, you will see which items are worn.  You can make a choice to wear, donate, or sell whatever isn’t worn.
I had to include this picture because my dog gets excited when I sit on the floor and wanted to be in the picture.  Then, he was curious when the lens started focusing!  Isn’t he hilarious?
{Excuse my chipping manicure.  I need to redo it!}  Have you heard of other ways to edit your closet?

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  1. hells to the yes, I’m an outfit repeater. A proud one as well! hehe
    I’ll repeat an outfit in the same week if it’s to different places with different people. Although some weeks, it’s so crazy and uninspiring that I’ll just wear it twice and not give it a second though.
    I’ll usually change something about the outfit though, like add/remove accessories… change shoes.

    love this outfit on you :) Is this the same sweater you wore with that dress? Or do I have bad memory??

  2. I repeat a look, but not at 100%. I try to edit with the shoes or an accessory, so that it isn’t exactly the same.

  3. Ok, first of all, your dog is so darn cute! The little tilt of his head is adorable!

    Even though you repeated this outfit, it’s great. The pants are beautiful, the cropped sweater is beautiful, and the accessories are great.

    I like your idea about once you wear something turn the hanger the other way. Heather

  4. Love the sweater, it looks so cozy. Great look!

    I repeat outfits! Nothing wrong with that :)
    Especially when I’m lacking motivation I’ll reach for my can’t-go-wrong outfit. Sometimes I change up things by adding different accessories or a different blazer/cardi/ or shoes.

    Your dog is SO adorable!

  5. Beautiful sweater and I love the color of your pants – I can see why you wear them again. I wear the same outfit too sometimes abut wait quite long to do it, and usually when I go to some other place where they didn’t see me wearing it yet or I have the feeling they already forgot I wore it before)) But I do mix the same pieces.

    Love your doggy making this curious face))) dogs love weird sounds))

  6. i am def an outfit repeater.. sometimes it’s just so easy to reach for the same things over and over!!! i really should use more of my closet though because i def only use 20 percent of my closet.. if that!!

    i drool over your black w/ ghw kelly she’s so gorgeous!!

  7. Your dog is so cute! That picture of him with his head cocked to the side is so funny.

    I do rewear outfits. Not in the same week usually, but for sure in the same month.

  8. I am definitely an 80/20 dresser…and I like the sweater and you should wear it as frequently as you fancy… I have no idea on how to edit my closet, I clean it out like 1x every 3 years…it is bad! As for your comment on silver linigs…hehehe my dad once said to SOMEBODY you could be the commentator but let’s not name any names…”how can something so small smell so bad???” hAHAHAHA

  9. Your pup is precious!!

    And yes, absolutely, I repeat my clothes. Kind of a lot, actually. lol =)

    I love that big bracelet you’re wearing!

  10. Yes to being a repeater, esp. on those days that I am running late out the door. I think the best way to approach it is to add different accessories, be it a necklace or scarf or even a belt. Which by the way I love your leopard belt here! In any case all your clothing, from which I’ve seen so far, are amazing so it’s no wonder you would want to wear them again ;)

  11. That picture of your dog is classic – such a cutey with the head tilt. You bag is breathtaking – you could wear it with your skivvies and it would be a complete outfit.

    I reach for my chunky sweaters and any pair of jeans pretty much on a daily basis. I wear what makes me happy – even if it means recycling constantly.

  12. I love the color of your pants, Sam. I repeat my outfits a lot and I want to try to use each and every piece. We, women, keep buying (impulsive shopping, that is). I am guilty in this area because I dont wear everything in my closet. Feel sorry for my wallet.

  13. I love your blue pants and that leopard printed belt (and that sweet pup.) The hanger trick is something I’ve heard before, the other is to hang everything up and just wear whats at the front of your closet and rotate it to the back when its worn and clean. My friend does that to make sure she wears everything.

  14. I’m not a huge dog fan but your guy is too adorable (I love the photo where he’s leaning in!) I think as fashion bloggers it’s seen as taboo to repeat outfits but we all do it! And this is such a great outfit-why not?

  15. love your casual style… but very stylish. love your bag!! drooling… :) your dog is so cute. you should totally wear it again, IMO. that’s what i’d do. :)

    hope you have a fantastic thanksgiving!


  16. You look amazing :) You’re style is so chic and elegant. And the stat is SO true haha. It’s usually because 20% is new stuff :P

    You’re dog is a cutie too!

    xx THE CHEAP

  17. Such a cute look. Love the blue and beige combo. I’m a new reader. Check out my blog I am now following :)


  18. I will repeat my office outfit every week (almost like uniform).

    But Fridays and weekends, I am always more cheery and I tend to take the effort to be a little creative and try to wear different items in my wardrobe.

    I am definitely not fully utilizing the items in my wardrobe!

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