Some people use them as protection from the sun or to keep warm in the cold.  Others use them as a dirty hair day facade or to cover what’s not there.  I wear hats because I LOVE to accessorize {sometimes too much}!! 

fedora :: White House Black Market {similar here and here, fancy here}
scarf :: Hermes

I’m one of those people who get excited about “crazy hat day” at work, or a luncheon where the invite states “wear a hat”, or when it’s 30 degrees outside!  Hats can change the whole look of an outfit!  {Stay tuned to see what I mean next week!}
trapper hat :: Gap {similar here, here, and here}
I mean, seriously!  Who doesn’t need a trapper hat right?
cloche :: Anthropologie {similar here, here, and like this here}

Bringing you back to the 20s with a cloche!  Apparently, the proper way to wear it back then was to pull it down to cover the eyes.  This way, the wearer would have to lift the head and peer snootily down the nose {to suitors, I guess}!
pom pom hat :: Old Navy {similar here, here, and like this here}
This is your all around easy-to-wear winter hat!
newsboy cap :: Perry Ellis (Marshalls) {similar here and here}
I got this newsboy cap in Pharmacy school for a Halloween outfit.  Something to keep in mind: You don’t have to limit yourself to the women’s section.  This hat is from the men’s department.  And I always find cool accessories in the guy’s section at H&M!
So what do you think of hats?  Happy Friday!!!

12 thoughts on “Hats

  1. Ooooooh, I love hats. You look fab with the different has and the H scarf goes so beautifully with them too. Sam, I’m thrilled hubby and you love it! Just goes to show that anyone can make Michelin starred recipes!

  2. Hats look ridiculous on me lol. I don’t think I have the face for them. They look great on you though! I especially like the newsboy cap. And I LOVE your scarf :) – Dreama

  3. You look GREAT in those hats! I especially like the newsboy cap. I’m afraid I don’t wear them much cuz I look ridiculous in them. Have a great weekend!

  4. You are such a chic hat person. Not everyone has the correct shape to wear it you know. I thought I was one of them for a while until this summer I bought my first fedora in NYC and fell in love. So far I only have two straw ones but the list shall be growing soon. My favorite one is the fedora and trapper hat ;) So chic and glam! Have a great weekend dear.

  5. I love hats, I had one on all day today! You have such a great selection of hats, the first three are fantastic! Have a great weekend :D

  6. Sam, you wear hats really well. I love all of them, but especially the 20’s one. I went to see the movie J Edgar this weekend and at the very beginning of the movie he goes on a date with this woman (who eventually becomes his secretary) and she had the sharpest hat on. I believe it was a blue. I thought about you and said that style would look so good on Sam. It was gorgeous and had that same 1920’s vibe.

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