Ponies and Pearls

Horses again?  I’m drawn to this shirt when I’m in my closet!  It’s been worn FOUR times since I bought it – this time with a little twist!
white shirt :: JCrew {similar here and here}
horse shirt :: H&M {similar here and here and sweater version here}
skirt :: Gap {similar here and here}
necklace :: old?? {similar here and here}
cuff :: MaiTai
heels :: BCBG (Marshalls) {real thing here and similar here}
It was chilly this day, so I decided to wear TWO button-up shirts!  The collar and rolled sleeves of the white shirt really add contrast to my horse shirt.  {It adds some warmth too!}  After throwing on the leather skirt, I needed something to complete the outfit.  Pearls!  They add an elegance to any outfit and are a perfect finishing touch!  {I have them in all shapes, lengths, and sizes!}
I changed into tall leather boots when I left the house because it was colder than I originally thought.  Is that a faux pas to wear a leather skirt and leather boots?  {If it is, then I already did it!}
Do you add pearls to everyday wear?  Or is it just reserved for your dressy occasions?

16 thoughts on “Ponies and Pearls

  1. Pearls can be added to any outfit, whether it’s a fancy dress or just a basic white t-shirt. They are so classy! Yah for horses and leather skirts too. You look fabulous. This is one of my favorite looks on you :) Heather

  2. You really suit these warm colors. Fabulous shirt! I love wearing pearls, but usually only as stud earrings (never necklace and earrings together ;))

  3. I would wear this shirt a lot too if I had it. I don’t wear pearls too often, but I do like it when people streamline it into everyday outfits.

  4. What a brilliant idea on the 2 collar layers! Very elegant way to stay warm. I don’t have many pearl items but I love wearing them as much as I can regardless of the occassion, they always bring some glam to my outfit as it has done so here for you! I love the pony top – I’ve seen many at H&M but have not purchased any, you may have changed my mind ;)

  5. OH man….I thought Sam has on YSL Tributes… Then I saw BCBG and was really like OH MAN!!! Love this outfit, the two shirts together look great, and I missed out on that horse blouse, I ended up with the skirt. Come to think of it, I don’t have a strand of white pearls…

  6. BEAUTIFUL outfit today, the double button ups is a very cool look and I adore your leather skirt, it looks so rich and soft. I wear pearls all the time, I think they are so classic they dress up even them most plain jeans and t-shirt.

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