Wearing it on my Sleeves

This photo shoot started in my backyard, but then my neighbor came home and I ran back in with my camera.  I feel like such a goof taking pictures of myself, and I am in awe of those who take pictures in public! 

top :: Pandemonium (Marshalls)
tank :: Old Navy
earrings :: Premier
necklace :: Fantasia
pants :: Vanessa Riley (c/o mom)
shoes :: BCBG (Marshalls)
bag :: Chloe
This is one of my favorite comfy work outfits.  The top is a soft knit, and the pants are loose and flowy.  It makes running around a breeze!  The kimono sleeves balance the silhouette of the wide leg pants.  {The only negative to this outfit is that the sleeves get smooshed when I wear my work jacket!  And I usually carry one of my work bags!}
The design on the sleeve reminds me of an oriental watercolor painting. There are decorative beads sewn onto the sleeves and collar too.

Do you have a favorite work or runaround outfit?

17 thoughts on “Wearing it on my Sleeves

  1. This is such a lovely look. You look pulled together, but comfy. This is something I would wear also running around for a day of work and errands. Your purse is gorgeous too :) Heather

  2. Love this outfit today. The detailing on the sleeves are amazing, you are right they do remind me of watercolor painting. The studs on those shoes are so cool, can’t believe you found BCBG at Marshall’s – so lucky.

    In the beginning I was shy about taking pictures in public but I try to overcome that. The worst place for me is in the mall cause there’s all these shoppers that stop and stare, in the streets it’s not too bad cause they think I am a tourist ;)

  3. I love your blouse and your purse! You look comfy and chic! I am the same way about taking pictures. I wait until no one is around or get my son to take them lol

  4. Haha, Sam, I was giggling as I read your first sentence. Me too, I have a real phobia of taking photos in public. You are so cute that you ran away when you saw your neighbour coming to the garden. Does he/she know you blog? lol I totally understand the embarrassment.

    Love everything here. Love your wavy silky locks, the top, the cute bag and the shoes!

  5. LOL, I can’t make myself take a photo in public or indoors for that matter! BTW, about the lamb dish, it was served at The Connaught many years ago and they charged a pretty penny for it. It costs so little to make it yourself.

    Gosh, I REALLY REALLY love your hair!

  6. That top is just gorgeous!! I love how casual, comfy yet chic it looks. It is casual but still work appropriate. I want it!!

  7. oK my favorite runaround outfit is a black tee long or short sleeve, or no sleeve with jeans. That is it… I don’t look like this when I am “running around.” ’nuff said!

  8. @just tututiny- That’s a great point about people thinking you’re a tourist!

    @Squeeze the Pug- We are good friends with our neighbors. They have our house key and we have theirs. We even take care of each others pets! But they don’t know I blog!! LOL! So I ran!! :)

    @Chocolate, Cookies, and Candies- Marlene, I can’t wait to try to lamb!!

  9. I am so the opposite when it comes to taking pictures out in public. I probably look crazy all the time doing self pictures! I love the shirt. Have you ever try using a poncho style throw or cover up instead of a jacket to protect your sleeves?


  10. @Chrisology – That’s awesome! You should own it when you take pics in public!! Wish I could! At work, I have to wear a white lab jacket and that it what smooshes my sleeves! :)

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