Happy Halloween!

Can you believe it’s already the end of the month?!  October has flown by!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love to see all the creative costume ideas!  Even our dog dresses up!  Here is Super Franklin!  (He really hates it when I dress him up!)

This weekend, we went to a Halloween party with the theme of heroes and villains.  Mr. S and I were Budd and Elle Driver from a scene in Kill Bill Volume 2.  Unfortunately, Mr. S told me about the party THE DAY BEFORE the party so these costumes were created on the fly!  If you look closely at Mr. S’s forehead, you can see my makeup handiwork.  He had snake bites on his face!  (Sorry about the heart, but Mr. S is shy!) 
Tonight, I plan to dress up as a sequiny skeleton!  Hopefully, I get the Lady Gaga “Born This Way” skeleton makeup down with this helpful video!  Will let you know how that goes on Facebook or Twitter!
{Added 11/1}  I ended up being a Sugar Skeleton, like those skulls decorated for Dia de los Muertos so I wasn’t so scary!  But I still managed to make a little boy cry when he came to the door for candy.  Poor babe!  :o(   You can see Franklin is still annoyed with his costume!  LOL!

My first Halloween costume that I remember is Strawberry Shortcake!  Isn’t it old school with that hard plastic mask?  It wasn’t very comfortable because it would cut into my eye sockets!  And those plastic smocks didn’t last very long either!  LOL at those old times!

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Do you plan on dressing up tonight? What was your first costume?!

17 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. You two make a great couple and Yes…I can see the handiwork! Well…my first costume was a strawberry, but not strawberry shortcake. My mom made me an actually strawberry costume where you put your arms and legs through it. I had on red tights with little red sneakers :) It was cute! I can’t wait to see your lady gaga get-up!

  2. I had the same Strawberry Shortcake costume! That is hilarious :) Your dog is so darn cute. Can’t wait to see your sequin skeleton costume. Have fun tonight! Heather

  3. SAM – my very first Halloween costume was the same one!!! I was obsessed with Strawberry shortcake and remember I wore this all the time. Memories – the plastic faces that made you suffocate :)

    Loving your pics outdoors – finally catching up on my blogs and your leather pants in a previous post were to die for.

    The sequin skeleton top – amazing find!!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  4. is he not the cutest thing!? i wanted to dress my yorkie shiner up as a hot dog but ended up not doing it!! happy halloween! hope you can drop by our blog and enter to win some free stuff :) really love your blog!!

    love kat

  5. Sam, my first costume I dressed up like Raggedy Ann! Someone actually made the costume. I LOVED Strawberry Shortcake (had the dolls, sleeping bag etc.) and think it’s so fab you have pictures of it. I remember those masks. Costumes have come so far, but I still love those. You and your husband looked great. AND OMG’D I can’t wait to see the sequin skeletan outfit! HOW FAB IS THAT??? It looks amazing and it’s not even ON! HAHAHA Thanks so much for the well wishes girl. Everything turned out great. ((HUG))

  6. LOL – those costumes are amazing! I love it when people put so much energy into their costumes – so much spirit! I think my first and only costume as a kid was a witch. Thereafter I didn’t want my mom to waste money on something that I would only wear once so I didn’t have her buy costumes anymore. I know I was already business oriented at 6 – lol. I was an odd kid ;)

  7. Your furbaby is so cute in that costume!! Halloween isn’t such a big thing in this part of the world. You look hot as Elle!! Now I can’t wait to see your Lady Gaga costume ;)

  8. Oh my…awesome Halloween costumes!! You rock that blonde wig. Your super dog is way tool cute, looks as if he is ready yo save the world. How fun. I got bitten by a lazy bug this year so no costume for moi.

  9. @Jen – LOL@ suffocating with the mask! The things we do for Strawberry Shortcake! The sequin skeleton top was the Rodarte for Target dress. (I got it on sale!)

    @SkippySays- I have a picture with my brother somewhere (he is superman)! I need to go through and find it so I can scan it for next year! :o)

    @Stacey – Thanks chica!

    @Nelah – It’s okay. Sometimes the lazy bug bites me a lot! LOL!

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