Grey Zone

When I have trouble pairing something together, I do something easy – wear one color.  It’s easy to match with a monochromatic scheme!  My mom usually wears all black.  I used to do the same until my brother-in-laws kept calling me the The Black Widow, after Jeanette Lee the pool player.  {She’s Asian and wears a lot of black – I get it!}  An easy transition was to replace my black with navy and grey.

sweater :: Anthropologie (2009)
jeggings :: Loft
boots :: Zara (2008)
earrings and clutch :: gifted

This is my easy peasy grey outfit.  The sweater has grey threads woven in it (even though it’s also cream – I know, kinda cheating) and was one of my fab finds from the Anthropologie sale room.  $19.99 peoples!  For real!!  When I got home, I found it in my catalogue and saw that it for retails $298!!!!  {Yes, I keep all the Anthropologie catalogues – they are perfect for inspiration!}  It’s made of silk and wool.  And I love that rosette and the bell sleeves!
The clutch is absolutely darling isn’t it?  My best friend knitted it for me!!  Yes, she is that talented!  She gave it to me on my birthday last year.  It was a very memorable birthday because we got stuck in a riot in Xi’an, China – another story for another time! 

Is there a color that you find yourself wearing over and over?  (I seem to wear a lot of navy/blue and love grey.)

Happy Friday!  Have a lovely weekend!

18 thoughts on “Grey Zone

  1. I wear too much black! LOL Sam, what a deal on the top girl. Anthropologie can be PRICEY! I’m always looking, but never buy. I love them, because their clothes are so unique. Great top girl. Looks dreamy on you. Awww, you have a great friend! That clutch is adorable and matches your boots. It’s a great outfit. I WANT THOSE EARRINGS!!! Have a great weekend sweetie! ((HUG))

  2. This outfit looks amazing. I really love the unique shape of the top. Yeah sometimes the best outfit comes in one color and you hit the spot with this one. I don’t really shop at Anthro that much but by the look of this outfit I think I might have to stop by today ;) Thanks for sharing.


  3. The clutch made my your friend is gorgeous! What a thoughtful gift. Your sweater, well actually the whole outfit, is great! I tend to wear a lot of colors and Kayla tends to wear a lot of blue. Have a nice weekend! Heather

  4. A design of that sweater is unique and lovely. Boy that price is amazing considered how expensive their items usually cost. I love gray and black, I wear these colors a lot or too often.

  5. I used to wear all black when I am in a hurry, not in a dress up mood, have a mental block etc.

    Until a friend commented on my all-black dressing.

    So I try to inject some colours if I am in a all-black mood again like carrying a coloured bag, wearing some coloured accessories, wearing coloured shoes…just for a pop of colour. ;p

  6. I wear a lot of grey and black too, it’s just easy! I really love your monochrome look, that sweater was such a steal at Anthropologie, i love the rosette too and the longer length. What a great knit clutch, it makes me want to pull out my knitting needles!

  7. Love your tunic/dress, Sam! Chic as always.
    As for me, at the moment, I wear a lot of white and red…

    Have a great weekend, dear!

  8. Oh wow, you have been to Xian to see the terracotta soldiers??? I want to go someday! I love this tunic/dress, and 19.99? OK I own nothing from Anthro…and as much as I am a shopper who claims to be able to utilize any store, I cannot find a damn thing in that store!

  9. I love monochromatic grey! So perfect for the fall. And shoutout to your awesome BFF who knits clutches :) I tend to wear a lot of black (after 8 years of retail) but now I tend to wear all tan/camel. Works pretty well for the fall as well. Digging the boots as well.


  10. LOL@ Black Widow! I totally get it.. I used to watch her play..she’s awesome!

    I wear a lot of grey, too. I used to do the all-black thing..Maybe it’s because I’m a makeup artist?? But I got sick of it and prefer to have a splash of colour!

  11. I love your outfit and this picture, you look so good, that dress/blouse is really cool and the color and shape are perfect, also the jeans are the perfect touch to this outfit! Your blog is lovely (just saying’) and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  12. @Bravoerunway – Bessie! I have seen the terra cotta soldiers! It was amazing! It’s hard to fathom how big the space is there! Hope you get to see them soon!

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