Tee Time

The sun was shining in Texas and cold weather was taking a nap, so I decided to wear a tee.  But if you know me, then you know it’s not just any tee – it’s got mucho sparkle and flair!  I got the idea to wear it with a scarf from Chic Chic’s blogScarf + Sparkle Tee = Mo Better!

scarf :: F21
tee :: Lanvin for H&M
jeans :: H&M Sqin jeans (circa 2008)
bag :: LV
wedges :: Coach
sunglasses :: Prada {and here}

The scarf is really light so it was a perfect layering piece for the tee.  I just love this tee – it makes me so happy with the three fab ladies on it!  And these are my most unique jeans because of the embellishments.  My friend S* had a pair and they looked wonderful on her.  {Obviously, I needed those jeans in my life!}  I’ve recently looked at the Sqin jeans at H&M, but they aren’t embellished anymore. 
These sunglasses have been well worn.  They are a classic shape with a twist – Jackie O’s on the front and an awesome scroll on the side.

19 thoughts on “Tee Time

  1. What fantastic sunnies! I have to agree with some of my fellow commenters, you really make a tshirt and jeans look cool, chic and all your own. I love that both your shirt and scarf are patterned, but the look isn’t the least bit busy!

  2. Ahh I didn’t know you had that tee – or those amazing Prada glasses! I have been lusting after those sunglasses for a while now!

  3. I am loving the outdoor pix Sam! The tee is so cute, so…are you all giddy for the Versace H&M Line :) I really want the black dress with the two banded arms :)

  4. Sam: That is such a cute t-shirt. I really like how you style it with a blue scarf.

  5. @Katherine – I spent a small fortune for the Lanvin x H&M collection. LOL! Whoever was on their marketing team was dialed into my channel 100%!!

    @Bravoerunway – Bessie, I’m pretending that the Versace x H&M line doesn’t exist. That way, my wallet and closet will be happier. I’m hoping to not become a mad woman again like I did for Missoni for Target.

  6. @Kim A- This tee is totally like all your fun finds! And I love all that jazz attached to it to make it 2D also! :o)

  7. Thanks for the mention *wink*
    The tee and the sunnies are some of the coveted items of many fashionista! You’re a lucky gal to have both:)

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