Rocker Chic

Leather pants have always intrigued me.  They are so rocker and chic at the same time!  {Think David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and the Olsen Twins.}  I finally found my perfect pair of leather leggings last year – they were the right fit and right price!

leather leggings/pants :: Leith (Nordies sale)
top :: BCBG (outlet)
military jacket :: Alice and Olivia (MTYCI Consignment)
earrings :: F21
heels :: Coach (Marshalls)
bag :: Chanel

For me, the key to wearing leather leggings is to cover at least part of my bum!  I chose this asymmetrical tunic to do that job and add femininity to the pants.  And if you look closely at the shoe pic, then you will see that I tucked the hem of the leggings under to get the right length.  Last time I scrunched the leggings, but I like the tuck better.  You can do the same with jeggings/skinny jeans if you can’t or don’t want to get them hemmed!

I love the details on the jacket – the collar, the lapel, the sleeves.  It has a substantial weight so it is perfect over the flowy top to keep me warm.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!! 

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14 thoughts on “Rocker Chic

  1. Great look, you pulled it off really well. Love that top! 
    I want a pair of faux leather leggings but I’m not brave enough to wear them. Maybe one day :)

  2. Sam…this is my favorite outfit of yours to date! It is gorgeous, love the outdoor pictures!!!  The leather pants are a knock-out and so is your military jacket, it is very stunning!

  3. You look amazing! and I totally agree about covering the bum when wearing jeggings, leggings or tights- people hello! tights are see thru, always have been, always will be.

  4. @Lilly – Thank you!! Lilly, I am very sure that you can pull off leather leggings!!

    @BravoeRunway – Thanks Bessie! I changed my background because the lighting in my house made everything look yellow!

    @Cosmetic Aficionado – Thank you Leticia! I was so glad to see at the outlet a couple of years ago!

    @bklynlifestyle – Thanks Liv! Covering the bum (at least part of it) makes me feel a lot more secure! Even when I buy workout tights, I do the bend test (to make sure you can’t see my undies when I bend down)!

    @SkippySays – Thanks Inna!! :o)

  5. Sam, I am loving this look girl! How awesome is this outfit. Where do I begin? LOVE those leather pants and how they fit! They’re not tight. Love how you scrunched them. Fab! That chiffon top is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful peach, beigy, nude color and love the floral design in it. Military jackets look great on you! I think I saw you in another one. Not this one. It’s awesome. And those python heels are wicked. This is a fabulous outfit and love the background girl. WOOT! A+++ for you!!! :D

  6. @Kim A. – Thanks so much Kim! I wanted a change in background so I moved to my backyard! LOL! It’s been so beautiful outside! And *blush* you’re going to give me a big head with your complements! Thanks for the A+++! :o)

  7. Lovelovelove this look on you! I think you were born to rock leather and studs Sam! So chic, so edgy…and very very sexy, even though you’re covered up…more looks like this please :D

    …and of course thank you for visiting my blog…you always leave the most awesome comments, hope to see you back soon babe!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  8. love this outfit!! those python pumps are to die for gorge and i’m SOOO obsessed with your chanel bubble quilt.. i NEED something from the bubble quilt line!

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