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Earlier this month, I went to New York to celebrate my grandfather’s 96th birthday!!!  It was so nice to see my family.  There is never enough time when I’m there, so I missed seeing my cousin B*.  Hopefully I’ll be back again soon.  

We had a celebration picnic for G’pa at 4pm (because that’s when he eats dinner)!  He’s doing pretty good for his age – just moving a little slower.  He actually forgot it was his birthday that day!  This is my awesome grampa!!  {These pics were taken with my camera camera.}
His yummy cake from the bakery in Chinatown!  They are always super moist and just the perfect amount of sweetness!
He is such a joy to be around.  He is always so happy and loving!  Happy Birthday Grampa!!

Happy Monday Y’all!

15 thoughts on “NY {via iphone}

  1. He has a beautiful smile!  Happy Birthday Grandpa!


  2. Awwww Sam! Your grandpa looks great girl. Happy Birthday to him! LOVE his cake. That fruit on top looks so good. Just wanna say Sam, that first pic of you looks amazing. Love that color blouse on you and ADORE that necklace. It’s so beautiful. Love how you incorporated instagram in your photos. Have a wonderful evening! :D

  3. I’m thrilled that you and hubs like my simple soup recipe!!! You can’t believe how happy I was to hear that. I’ve got a few more quick and easy recipes up my sleeves but will post them when I have a bit more time on my hands.

  4. Wow! 96th birthday! It’s wonderful you flew all the way to NY to celebrate his birthday. You look so pretty. I remember you mentioned your age once and honestly, have I not known that, I would’ve thought you’re about 27!

  5. @Cosmetic Aficionado- Thank you Leticia!

    @SkippySays – It was so nice to have family time Inna!! :o)

    @GlamKitten88 – So true!! Iphone pics have been really fun with Instagram too!

    @twomomsandaparty – Thanks Kenya!! He’s such a happy man! I think that’s why he’s been around for so long!

    @Novicestyle – Thank you Susan!!

    @Kim A. – Thank you Kim!! That cake WAS good! I had more than one slice! And my mom gave me that necklace for my bday! It’s going to be in an upcoming post!

    @chocolatecookiesandcandies – Thanks Marlene! My little brother works for the airlines so it makes traveling a lot easier. And you are so sweet about my age, especially since another birthday just passed!

    @crystal – Thanks Crystal!! I LOVE that gorgeous man too! I did go to a taping with my mom. (Can’t mention much because the show hasn’t aired yet.) Tickets are free! You should go next time you travel to NY!

    @Erika Gregory – Thank you Erika!! It IS such a blessing! :o)

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