Inspired by Alexa

Alexa Chung that is… the cheeky Brit that has an easy but chic style.  She is currently collaborating with Madewell for their Fall collection.  I first heard about her and then saw her and thought “Where’s the Chung”?  Apparently, she is one quarter Chinese.  Anyhoo, I’ve taking a liking to her quirky and unique sense of style.  She always looks cute but comfy.

blazer :: Norma Kamali for Walmart
dress :: Missoni for Target
earrings :: Premier
bag and clogs :: Chanel

My fashion equation for Alexa = chic but comfy clothes + clogs (of course) + tights + cross body bag!

Meet the fun and stylish Alexa!
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Do you know what your style is?  Boho, preppy, casual, dressy?  (I think I’ve decided mine is classic with a mix of fashionista!)

Happy Friday!!!

16 thoughts on “Inspired by Alexa

  1. Omg your kitty!!! So cute! 

    I really love the way you mix high and low. And I love that the only way I can tell its high/low is by reading your description. Amazing.

  2. There’s the cat! I just spoke about her (in a reply to your comment on my page). HaHa Sam, Alexa has great style and it looks great on you. Love your Missoni dress and those clogs are awesome. I’m not a huge fan of clogs, but these look super chic! I think I’m casual and classic. You defintely know how to spice things up! Have an awesome weekend girl! :D

  3. As of late, people have been saying I have more of a bohemian look.  I am definitely a more laid back dresser but am inspired by all sorts of styles.  I LOVE Alexa Chung – she’s one of my fashion muses.

  4. Very Alexa – I love her too, I thought she was half Asian – didn’t know it was only a quarter! You look great Sam :)

  5. Oooo Alexa would be proud!  I love how you paired the blazer with the dress, it looks fabulous!  I would say that my style icon is Victoria Beckham, I guess it would be dressy ;)

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