I’m Back {and Hair Tutorial}

I’m back!!  I had fun filled times at a friend’s wedding, celebrating my grandpa’s 96th birthday, and hanging with family.  I’ll be catching up on all my comments and checking my favorite blogs.  And I have to apologize about the hair tutorial.  Although it was done, I didn’t have it scheduled since I had planned on redoing it.  {And I didn’t have access to it since it was on my desktop computer.}

The hair tutorial is on how to get loose curls like this:


So here it is (the redone version)!

Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to ask any questions!

Happy Friday!

20 thoughts on “I’m Back {and Hair Tutorial}

  1. aaaahhhhh
    now we know your curly secrets! hehe..
    thanks for sharing dear.
    love to know that the straightening iron works wonders!

  2. Sam, you need to re-title this post hun. It should be Sam’s Sexy Hair! Cause girl, you are working that curling and flat iron. Your hair looks AWESOME! Can I borrow some of your hair? HAHA I don’t have any! HAHAHA Girl, but all joking aside this is an AWESOME TUTORIAL, you have wonderful technique and the results are amazing. You have beautiful hair, wonderful personality and I love this video. Have a great weekend Sam! ((HUG))

  3. I was wondering what happened to you!  So glad to see you are back and Happy Birthday to your grandfather, 96 and going strong!  My mom stopped by your blog earlier today and asked “Bessie did you see Sam’s Video!”  I went consignment store shopping today so now I am catching up!  She says you did a fabulous job and says you have beautiful hands and ought to go to Cartier or Tiffany to model engagement rings ;)

  4. Kim!!  Thank you sweetie!  Actually, I started doing my hair like that when it was chin length (but had to work on how tight the curls were because my hair was so short)!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!  xo

  5. Wow Bessie!  Tell your mom thanks!  I will look into that – maybe one of the perks would be to get free jewelry! LOL! 

    I can’t wait to see your finds!!  I think it’s so fun to go consignment store shopping.  Next time I’m in Chicago, we should go together.  Or you should come to Texas and we can shop till we drop!!!  (Might be dangerous!)

  6. Sam!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s a massive undertaking to tape yourself but I really appreciate it. Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to comment earlier. Work has been really hectic. I’m barely keeping up with all my favorite blogs.

  7. Oh Marlene!!  No worries!  I am the last to say anything about that!  A blog is supposed to be fun!  I just told one of my friends the other day that I feel behind on my blogging?!  It’s just another thing that I’m behind in! 

    I hope this hair tutorial helps!  And hope work gets less hectic!  xo

  8. Hi cuz!! It was great seeing you for the few hours that we had.  Love your blog and your hair tutorial is so very helpful!! Is the flat iron 1″ or 1.5″? Miss you lots and hope to see you again real soon :-)

  9. Hi Sam,
    Thank you for your wOnderful “beachy” hair tutorial. I finally tried it using my curling iron (got it for 3years but didnt know how to curl my hair)…
    First attempt turn out great! Really thanks for your tips.
    A very detailed video and thank you for posting!!!
    Will continue to follow yr blog.. ��

  10. thanks for sharing…very nice!! the curls look so natural. your natural hair is very straight and shiny…mine isn’t….goes all different directions…my natural parts on the left but the hair of my bang waves towards left…not very manageable…

    1. Great June!

      I’m glad you liked it! That was always a hard thing with my bangs when I was growing up! They would part near the middle where I didn’t want them to. My hair person showed me a trick. I wet my bangs and then blow dry them the opposite way of how I want them to go. So if i want them to lay to the right then i blow dry them to the left. I don’t know if my explanation makes sense, but it works! :)

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