Leather and Dot

I’ve labeled myself a style gypsy because my personal fashion is everywhere!  I’ve finally figured out that I want to have a classic wardrobe, but with a little “fashionista” thrown in.  However, one of my “problem areas” is how to be a edgy.  {Is that really a description?}  My comfort zone is definitely with classics, but I love how a feminine dress can be worn in an edgy manner with the right accessories and attitude.  I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this outfit… adding leather to some dot!

dress :: Oscar de la Renta (thrifted)
jacket :: Target
earrings :: Premier
booties :: Chanel
This lovely dress was a consignment shop find for $18 – vintage Oscar de la Renta!!!  I love all the different details of the dress – asymmetrical neckline, side ruching, fitted waist, waterfall ruffle on the skirt, champagne color, and polka dots!!  I see it as a formal dress.  Maybe it’s meant to be that way, but I wanted to try wear it a little more casually.  I threw on my pleather jacket and booties. 

What do you think?  A Yay or Nay?  {I think it could work if the jacket was a little more fitted and possibly different heels?}

20 thoughts on “Leather and Dot

  1. Sam, I’m in love with that dress. $18!!!!! Omg’d….I want to faint. That is a fab dress!!! Love the jacket with it and of course the fab bag!!! If you don’t mind me saying, the only thing I would change is the shoe. You have some great black strappy heels and I think they would go perfectly. Just a suggestion. Hope you’re having a great day! ((HUG))

  2. This is a yay for sure! I think the dress is sooo graceful, but adding the booties and jacket make it even better. You def pulled off edgy

  3. I like this look!
    Feminine dress but paired unexpectedly with a biker pleather jacket!
    Its a yay for me. I think you nail it right :)

  4. $18 for that vintage Oscar dress…I thought THOUGHT…I got some great deals today…uh maybe not?  Is $78 for a brand new J.Crew silk dress a good deal?  

  5. Girl!!  Oh yes I did!!  That consignment store that I frequent is full of great surprises.  Lately, they’ve been marking their designer labels a little higher – in the $49 price range.  But still not too bad for certain brands.  Thanks for the reinforcement on edgy + feminine too!

  6. Thanks Kim!! That’s really helpful – I wasn’t sure about the shoes and almost went for regular heels!  That is why I need stylish ladies like you to comment and help me out!  xo

  7. Bessie!  That is a great deal for a JCrew SILK dress – retail is usually close to $200!  Girl, you need to come on down to Texas and we can go thrifting together!  This consignment shop will have some RANDOMLY amazing good deals sometimes.  So I LOVE to visit when I have time! 

  8. Yay! for the dress and leather jacket. I LOVE this dress so much!! and 18 dollars – WOW!

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