Paisley Pants

Before Fall truly hits the South, I wanted to get another outfit in with these pleated palazzo pants.  I usually balance something fuller on bottom with something form fitting on top.  This time, I wanted to try a loose top + loose bottom = comfy all over!

top :: H&M
pants :: thrifted for $6
bag :: Coach
cuff :: MaiTai
earrings :: Premier
necklace :: F21
heels :: Chie Mihara
I have an affinity for drapey anything – this top is just one example!  I must have been a Roman in a former life!  These palazzo pants bring me back to a different time – they are a little psychedelic with all the colors and paisley.  I feel a little like a hippie with them on!  They are very easy to move in because of the large leg openings. 
These are my first pair of Chie Mihara shoes that I found when I was on the hunt for a pair of comfy and stylish heels.  Chie is a Japanese Brazilian born shoe designer based in Spain.  Her focus is to create styles that are feminine, fun, and comfortable.  She used to work at an orthopedic shoe store and studied at FIT, and she has married the skills of both to form her wonderful line of shoes.  Can you tell I’m a fan?!  I have two pairs of her shoes (that were purchased on sale) and I absolutely LOVE them both!  (You can search my tags to see the other pair!)

14 thoughts on “Paisley Pants

  1. I’m learning a lot from you Sam!!! Loose on Loose looks GOOD!!! I’ve been so conditioned into putting on a form fitting top with flowy skirt. Love that draped top on you. I see why you love that style. I’m really going to have to check out F21 accessories because that’s a fabulous necklace. I keep seeing all of these great accessories from there. Okay, going to look up Chie Mihara. You sold me on comfy! Excellent styled shoe and comfort!!! I’m SOLD. HAHAHA Have a great evening girl! Your outfits have been on-point. :D

  2. Thanks G!  Those pants are fun because they feel like I’m wearing a skirt!  (I know you are a thriftaholic too!  And your recent finds are awesome!)

  3. Thanks Aline!  Yes, double drapey-ness is GOOD because it’s also comfy!  I was so surprised to see that necklace at F21 because it reminded me of something from Anthropologie!

  4. Thanks Kim!  If I’m in a mall with a F21, then I will do a quick run-by at the accessories!  They really have such fun costume jewelry for a great price!  And you should really check out Chie Mihara!  They have been very comfy shoes!  I would recommend trying them on in a store and trying to find them on sale online.  (This way you know your size but can get a good deal!)

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