Style of Sam (SOS): Simple

Whenever I have to run errands in Dallas, I still get excited to go to the “big city”!  I decided to go for a “simple and chic” look centered around wearing my flats (so I could run around town comfortably)! 

shirt :: JCrew
skirt and earrings :: Anthropologie
ballet flats :: Repetto
cuff bracelet :: MaiTai
When I wear flats, I always think of Parisians and how they look so effortlessly chic and polished!  To channel my inner Parisian, I decide to wear a crisp white button up and skirt with the flats.  Although it should be “effortless”, it took me awhile to decide on this skirt with an embroidered design on the front and yellow piping.

To keep with the simple theme, I opted for small earrings that look like flowers. 

Recently, I’ve tried and LOVED manicures with short nails.  Since I use my hands a lot, my nails are trimmed short and I usually don’t paint them.  I was inspired by my girlfriend E* who always has beautifully done short nails.  Now I want to keep changing my mani colors!  {My burgundy nails felt very French to me!}

Do you have an outfit that you consider chic yet comfortable?

Happy Monday!

21 thoughts on “Style of Sam (SOS): Simple

  1. My go-to chic/comfortable outfit has always been a crisp white shirt with a pencil skirt. I like to jazz it up with accessories.  Your skirt is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Samantha, that outfit is beautiful girl. I love the embroidery in that skirt. I have a chocolate brown one that’s not as detailed as yours but I love (I need to take more outfit pics hahaha). I need to incorporate a great classic button down white shirt in my wardrobe (Bessie mentioned that, and it looks great). That nail color is awesome. I never thought about a burgundy nail color! I’m so buying that!!! It’s a rich color that is not RED, but has as much punch!!! I adore that bag!!! I would wear it with all outfits! HAHAHHA Hope you’re having a great Monday! :D

  3. Very chic! I love it! Its nice to see you went sensible with flats:)

    btw are they comfortable? I am on the hunt for a quality, comfortable black flat. 

  4. The Repetto and Kelly are two mainstays of my daily uniform. I’m like you. I don’t do long nails. I’ll scratch myself and anything that I come in contact with. Your nails are beautiful!

  5. What a great idea Erika!!  I normally pair my white button ups with slacks, but I guess I need to try this combo more often!

  6. Thanks Inna!  I wear contacts too, and I feel like I’ll stab myself in the eye when my nails get too long!!  That’s a good practice to have well manicured nails all the time.  Many people look at hands as part of their first impressions.  (I need to work on keeping mine in better shape!)

  7. Hey Lady!  You definitely need to bust out the pics if you have a fun brown embroidered skirt!  It seems to take awhile to find that classic white shirt.  This JCrew one I got on sale has done the trick.  (I’ve bought other inexpensive ones from Old Navy or F21 and they end up being too short and don’t stay tucked into my pants/skirts.)  And I always thought that a burgundy nail would be too much, but then I tried it and liked it!!  You just don’t know until you try!

  8. Thanks Alyssa!  Yes, I actually tried to be sensible!!  :P  They are comfortable!  They are my most comfortable flats!  (I have some from Me Too, Miu Miu, Sam Edelmen, etc.)  Definitely try them on to see what you think – the leather is supreme.  I have also heard that Bloch flats are comfy – they are the brand that make ballet shoes.

  9. Omg thanks for replying! Its always the basics, that are the hardest to find. 

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