Even though I adore feminine blouses, I’m having trouble figuring out how to wear my ruffled high collar blouse last seen here!  It was love at first sight, but it wouldn’t seem that way because the poor thing has been sitting in my closet!  This is another attempt to get the party started with the blouse!

blouse :: Lafayette 148
cardigan :: Zara
jeans and belt :: F21
shoes :: Ann Taylor (c/o mom)

I wanted to toughen up the blouse by wearing skinny jeans to make for a more casual look.  But I feel like a vertical mullet!  Business up top and party on the bottom!  Not exactly the look I’m going for!
There are certain details of my outfit that I like – the mother of pearl buttons on my cardigan and the detachable bow on the blouse!  But I’m not sure if all the details come together for great outfit.

And I am completely in love with these shoes!!  One of my my mom’s friends gave them to her.  My mom doesn’t wear heels so she passed them to me!!  They remind me of “Cinderella” shoes even though they are pink and velvet!

Do you have any suggestions on how to wear this blouse casually?

12 thoughts on “Ruffled

  1. Sam, you did a great job with that blouse in this outfit. It’s beautiful! I think it would also look great with those new black “liquid” looking leggings and a black heel. Don’t know if you like them or not. Maybe that’s too dressy. HaHa Bessie can help you out! She always has great suggestions. It’s a gorgeous top! I love ruffles. :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. I don’t know how to style it, but it is so pretty- don’t give up on it. Those shoes are gorg- I think you’re getting Cinderally because they are “princessy” in the best way. Also they’re a great pink items for Breast Cancer Awareness months (lots of bloggers are featuring pink items in their posts to commemorate!)

  3. I too have trouble with styling feminine blouses.  Does the bowtie come off?  Wonder if you could cut it off so if you wanted to pin it back on you could have the option to wear it.  Once you eliminate the bow it becomes a ruffle blouse, slacks, skirts, jeans can be thrown into the mix.  

  4. My first thought was to pair with a pencil skirt too, but I went with the skinny jeans to try casual.  Next time, I’m going with my first instinct and will do the skirt.

  5. Hi Liv!!  That’s true about pink and Breast Cancer Awareness!  I should try and sport those heels this whole month!  I won’t give up on the blouse!!

  6. Thanks Kim!  I know what you are talking about, and I have some of those liquid leggings (that I got on a sale)!  I don’t know if I am brave enough to try those leggings with a shorter top though!  (I like to cover my booty with a tunic!)  But you are on to something, and maybe I can try them with my leather leggings because they are not as tight!  :o)

  7. Thank for ideas Bessie!  The pin does come off so that would definitely help to make it more casual!  I may try the blouse (bow off) with some boyfriend jeans and a cardi!  You’re the best! 

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