Try a Trend: Color Blocking

Besides animal print, one of trends that I’m loving this season is color blocking! I gathered something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue to make a bright and fuzzy outfit!  {Sorry, I’ve got wedding on the brain!  One of my friends is getting married this weekend!}

old vintage purse :: estate sale
borrowed fuzzy sweater :: ?? brand from mom
blue (and new) pants :: Alice and Olivia
belt :: JCrew
earrings :: Target
bracelet :: MaiTai

Try pairing a bold with a neutral color if you’re apprehensive about color blocking.  Soon, it will be easy peasy to color block!  I’ve “permanently” borrowed this sweater from my mom!  I really love how unique it is with the texture and it’s different colored sleeves.  It keeps me warm even with short sleeves.  The cobalt blue pants were my new acquisition on Fashion Night Out – they were on sale!  I’m so glad wide leg pants are coming back into style!  I’ve always felt more comfortable wearing them versus skinny pants.  And they are flattering on every shape!
These earrings are an old Target purchase.  From far away, they remind me of a skeleton!  LOL!  Perfect for October!
I couldn’t pass up this vintage beauty when I saw it at an estate sale last Spring!  I’ve always loved framed purses and now designers are reviving the silhouette!

And this past weekend, I found out that I got my first blog award!!!  Stay tuned tomorrow!

Happy Monday!

25 thoughts on “Try a Trend: Color Blocking

  1. Hi Sam, 

    Congratulations on your first award. You more than well deserve it. Love that furry top,; your mom has great taste. And that blue pants is equally electrifying. 

  2. Hi Samantha, 

      I need to try color blocking too. I have a blouse that is the same ocean blue as your pants. What colors do you think would look good with a blouse in blue? And congratulations on your blog award!! 

    Take care, 

  3. I think its such a fun but still polished look. The color of those pants is so vibrant and the fuzzy sweater add a fun/quirky feel. Congrats on the blog award, it much deserved!

  4. Sam, I’m laughing at the “permanently borrowed” sentence. HAHAHA I would’ve done the same. That’s a beautiful sweater top! Love how you paired it with the cobalt blue pants. I prefer wide leg over tapered also. LOVE, SWOON over that purse! It is SWEET! Can I permanently borrow it? HAHAHAHAHA
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  5. Love your version of the Color Blocking trend.  And I don’t blame you for permanently borrowing that sweater.  Its one of a kind..

    7eventh Letter

  6. Thanks Squeeze!  What a great word – electrifying!! I’ll have to add that to my repertoire!  I’m really lucky that my mom gives me and let’s me “borrow” a lot of her clothes!

  7. Hi Liv!!  Thanks you  – that’s the look I was going for!!  And I feel that the blogging community is great and everyone is so friendly!  I’m surprised that I got an award!!  :o)

  8. Hi Kim!! Sometimes that happens!  No, but really, I’m lucky that my mom is gracious enough to give me clothes (or lend them to me too)!  I guess you can “borrow” the purse LOL!  :o)

  9. Thanks G!  I would give it back to my mom if she wanted!  She has so much clothes and that’s why a lot of it comes to me!!  I’m blessed that she’s such a sharing person!  :o)

  10. When I saw the blue pants, I knew I had to have them (even though they were really bold)!  And thanks for the sweet words Aline!  :o)

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