Everyone loves a good deal!  Consignment shops are one of the places that I find fabulous deals.  You never know what gem you are going to find!  If you can keep an open mind and have some patience to browse through racks, then you can acquire some unique pieces of clothing! Can you guess which item was thrifted?

top :: vintage Escada (thrifted)
skirt :: Gap (old)
necklace :: Premier
shoes :: Enzo Angiolini (mom)
bag :: Coach (outlet)

The top was part of a two piece set.  For $18, I got a silk blouse and wool pants from Escada (the Margaretha Ley era).  You would think it’s a mistake, but it’s the same resale shop that I got Mr. S’s Coach briefcase for $30, my yellow Escada jacket for $18, and Hudson jeans for $6!  I have three consignment shops in the area that I like to check out when I have time.  {They are listed in my FW Faves tabs.}

I love the stagecoaches and soldiers on horseback!  The blouse has billowy sleeves – Don’t get me started on that!  I would probably look like a pirate with poofy sleeves everyday if I could!  And there is even a stagecoach on the button! 
I paired it with a neutral bag and shoes since the blouse and skirt are so bold!  I thought it was fitting to wear my Coach bag with the stagecoaches!  I’m “coaching” it today!
I know that not everyone is comfortable with shopping at resale/consignment shops.  If you ask around for nicer ones, it may be easier to start that way.  (Really, I will go anywhere!  I’ve found a copper pitcher at Goodwill for $5!)

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I think I went to a consignment shop….once.  I really should go and look again because there is a high-end one near my place!  OK…Maragaretha Ley Escada for $18???  That is a SERIOUS deal and I like how you paired it with the skirt, very nicely done!

  2. Ok I really need to know what consignment shop you’re going to cause I don’t think I’ve scored as great as you did. Love this outfit.

  3. Sam, that’s an awesome top and I’m adoring the buttons girl! OMG’d you got the blouse and pants for $18. Tell them to open a shop in New Orleans! PLEASEEEEE! HaHa And I can’t get over that Coach bag you got for $30. You have such great style girl and you know how NOT to break the bank. Have an awesome weekend Sam! No more rain! No more rain! hahahaha
    http://sassyuptownchic.blogspot.com/SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. perfect!
    ohhh i love it when u said to pair it with neutral shade bag and shoes!
    best advice ever!

  5. What amazing deals. I have a love/hate relationship with consignment shops. Most of the time everything I see for sale is still overpriced (say, $50 for a Nanette Lepore blouse from last season). I can never find anything astounding deals.
    A shop just up the road from me always has Chanel jackets in stock, though :) Maybe one day…

    Love the bold outfit!

  6. Definitely check it out!  People have found Chanel at consignment shops (sometimes they still come with a high price tag though).  You need to find one that has good stuff at a reasonable price.  There is one consignment shop that only carries designer stuff so they have higher prices.

  7. Hi Tabitha!!  This particular resale shop is the Double Exposure in Fort Worth!!  I have my favorite consignment shops listed in my FW Faves!

  8. Kim, I wish I knew how NOT to break the bank!  I seem to be a pretty efficient spender at all levels of shopping, unfortunately!!  I did buy something of ebay from Swap Boutique in New Orleans.  I ended up returning the dress because it didn’t fit – but they were super nice.  They have mostly designer stuff with designer prices but sometimes you’ll find a reasonable deal!  (And I don’t know what they have in stores so you may need to check it out!)  http://www.swapboutique.com/

  9. Hi Rachael!  I know what you mean!  I was lucky to find this place!  Most of the consignment shops that sell designer items still have designer prices.  There’s a place in Houston that has Chanel this and that but they prices were still high.  And you never know, a lot of those places offer coupons or deals for those who follow them (if they have a facebook page or email sign ups).

  10. So so super gorgeous!! I am in love with your thrifted top! It’s beautiful! xox

    Come visit soon!Blessings,Katwww.maryanddyer.blogspot.com

  11. this ensemble is gorgeous! i wasn’t sure which piece is thrifted, but i didn’t think it would be the top — it looks new and beautiful! :)

    <3, Mimihttp://whatmimiwrites.blogspot.com/Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

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