Missoni for Target: What I Wore

Last week, Mr. S had an evening meeting to attend at La Duni in NorthPark Mall.  I decided to chaperone Mr. S and make sure NorthPark mall was still living up to it’s standards.  Coincidentally, they just opened a two story H&M there!

(NorthPark is the best mall in Dallas – tons of fabulous stores!  And if you are in the DFW area, you should check out La Duni!  Yum yum food, coffee, and bakery!  We’ve been to two of the locations and they do not disappoint!)  

dress :: Missoni for Target
shrug :: Ross (old)
shoes :: BCBG (from Marshalls)
bracelet :: F21
earrings/ necklace :: Fantasia (gifted from Mr. S)
bag :: Chanel
I decided to bust out my Missoni for Target gear!  To break up all the black in my outfit, I added a fuchsia shrug.  When wearing black and white, one pop of color can really add pizzazz to an outfit. Try it! Whether it’s a bag, shoes, or cardigan, it will brighten your look and your day!  Additionally, I wanted more coverage on top since the hemline is short.  When showing more skin down below, then cover the top and vice versa.  The balance creates a fresh look that isn’t overtly seductive.

The silver hoops and necklace are special to me because Mr. S got them for me during one of our visits to Las Vegas.
(Excuse my bra strap showing.  The dress is a little big on top since I don’t have much to fill it!)

Happy Monday!!

28 thoughts on “Missoni for Target: What I Wore

  1. Sam!  I love that Missoni dress, unfortunately, I missed the Missoni/Target collaboration!  4 months of marketing buzz and I caught a sinus infection and the site crashed so I didn’t get my hands on anything!  I haven’t seen too many people with this dress and would have thought you got this from the M Missoni line…nice :)  I hope you made it safely back to Dallas yesterday, not a fun weekend weather-wise, so sorry you didn’t have a warm sunny fall day!  It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you again soon :)

  2. Yay so glad you actually got something from the Missoni collection! It looks great on you! And I totally agree with all the tips- adding a pop of color and choosing to show either top or bottom are rules I pretty much live by

  3. love the dress!  the collection hit the stores when we were in seaside for vacation… so i can live vicariously through your photo… since everything was beyond sold out when we go back into town… and love la duni!  the la duni cuatro leches just kills me with goodness…mmmmm….

  4. I want a Mr. S! He goes nice places and gives you lovely things! HAHAHA Sam, that fuchsia looks popping good on you girl. It’s a great color and I would definitely add more of it to my wardrobe if I were you. I love that dress and you accessorized it FABULOUSLY!!! Happy Monday my friend! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  5. I agree that a pop of colour is needed when wearing black and white.. My go-to colours are red, yellow or fuchsia!
    I can’t believe you scored a dress from that collection! Was it mayhem? I wish we had Target here too…


  6. Awe Bessie!  I’m sorry you were under the weather.  :o(  I’m so glad we got to meet too!  Even if it wasn’t sunny in Chicago, the cooler weather was a welcomed change!

  7. I feel really lucky that I found some items (even if I was a mad woman myself during the mayhem).  I just emailed you. :o)

  8. Hi Stephanie!  I’m sure the seaside vacation was awesome and well worth missing the collection!  Oh yes… La Duni yumminess!  Everything is so good!

  9. Alexa!  It was mayhem (even though I didn’t wait in line before the stores opened)!  And I really like your go-to colors (I remember those awesome yellow shoes)!  I need to branch out and take some cues from you!  I have a pair of yellow suede loafers that I don’t wear much.

  10. black and white zigzaggy with purple??
    who knew it would be a match!
    ahhh.. u’re a clever genius!

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