Ways to Wear It: Maxi Skirt

When I last wore this skirt, it was as it’s intended use – a maxi skirt.  Watch out – it’s a dress now!  I told you I was going to wear it as a strapless dress!  Didn’t believe me, did you?!

maxi skirt dress :: Anthropologie
cardigan :: Marshall’s
belt :: H&M
necklace :: gifted from MIL
wedges :: Cynthia Vincent for Target

Certain skirts, especially those with elastic waistbands, can be worn as a dress too!  I love it when an item has multiple uses (more posts on that to come)!  You just hike up the skirt and add a belt and/or necklace!  Voila!  Since this is a fuller skirt, I chose to belt it.
My parent-in-laws got this necklace for me when they were on a cruise in the Mediterranean somewhere!  I love the beautiful color and simple shape.  It matches all the fluid colors of this skirt dress so well.
Excuse my puffy eyes!  I got a makeover done and didn’t realize that the concealer they used had sunblock in it (and she used it as an eyeshadow base too).  Ouch!

I can’t wait to wear this skirt in Fall!  Let me know if you have any tricks you’d like to share too!

21 thoughts on “Ways to Wear It: Maxi Skirt

  1. I love the print on that skirt!  It is absolutely gorgeous and great for now and Fall!  Just saw your email :D going to respond right now!  

  2. Oh my gawsh Sam! I thought it was a dress girl! HAHAHA You fooled me! See! That’s why it pays to READ and not ASSUME! Awesome!!! You have nothing on Hoodini! LOL Again, I couldn’t even tell that it’s a skirt. Beautiful colors and great look! Love the cardigan with it. In fact, you could put different colored cardigans with it. It would totally work. I will have to work on some tricks! HAHA Have an awesome Wednesday girl! ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  3. great outfit!  beautiful and looks comfy too.  very ingenious idea converting it into a dress with the belt.

  4. Nice! I love skirts as dresses and dresses as skirts! Must be the bargain hunter in me- two for the price of one :) And I love how you tied that belt- would love to learn how to do that. A tutorial maybe please?

  5. Love this look- I’m a sucker for a good two in one, and this definitely works as a dress :)

  6. I love how you tied your belt. You should put a tutorial on here :)

  7. Great idea!  A lot of the time since I’m vertically challenged I use maxi skirts as strapless dresses. Love it!

  8. Hey Sam! I posted much earlier, but must’ve done something wrong. HAHA I didn’t know it was a skirt until I read your post! It truly pays to READ! HAHA It’s truly awesome and I love how you paired the cardigan with it. You can do different color cardigans and it would look great! The colors in it are absolutely beautiful. :)
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  9. Thank you Kim!!  LOL@ Hoodini!  That is a great idea about different colored cardigans!  I have a fuschia one that would really bring out the colors in the dress!  Hope you had a fabulous day!!

  10. Thanks Divya!  I’ll definitely try to get that set up!!  I can do a picture tutorial but I want to try video?!  We’ll see how that goes!

  11. Okay Inna! Since you’re the second person asking for a tutorial then it must be done!  And I know what you mean about bargain hunter! :o)

  12. Thank you Tabitha!  LOL @vertically challenged – me too!  And making it a dress definitely adds another “item” in the closet!

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