TLBC bra: I’m a Lucky Ducky!

This post is a little different than my usual fashion post!  First, thank you to Jean from Extra Petite for hosting an awesome giveaway!  I was the lucky winner of a TLBC (The Little Bra Company) matching bra and panty set.  Second, thank you to Emily from the TLBC for sponsoring the giveway and sending me the goodies!  I have to say I’ve found a new favorite bra!

{Just a little background:  TLBC specializes in intimate apparel for hard-to-find smaller sizes starting at size 28A.}  Based on Jean’s review here (She’s a genius!  She wore the bras over a tank in her review), I decided to get the Yvonne bra and matching boy short.  It’s a smooth cup bra but detailed with a lace band and straps.  I am always on the hunt for comfortable and pretty everyday bras and usually go for a smooth cup bra.  They can be easily worn under clothes that range from t-shirts to sweaters.  The set came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper sealed with that cute little sticker!  (It was in a plastic covering to protect the bra and panty.)
I was super excited to try the set on!  The first thing that I noticed is that straps are detachable from the front and the back!  It’s perfect for converting the bra to a racer-back or halter if needed.  After putting it on… *WOW* I had cleavage!  AND it was still comfortable!  I tend to get bras with minimal padding (enough that there are no headlights in the cold) because the heavily padded ones make me feel restricted and aren’t comfortable.  This bra has padding in the right places and the cups are truly an A size cup.  (Usually, I have a lot of gap in the cup between my bra and my boobs.)  Fabulous!  It’s comfortable and gives me Vavoom!
There are specific directions on how to properly put on the bra to maximize cleavage!  They have a “scoop” method that is easy to do and works!  (They even have a video here!)  The cute little tag attached to the bra and panty also have the directions.
Picture one :: Body by Victoria’s Secret lined demi bra (Sorry you can see my strap!)
Picture Two :: TLBC Yvonne bra
Now, I’m not sure if I captured the difference very well in the pictures (because of my beginner camera skills).  To me, it looks like I am a full cup larger in picture two!!  YAY for me!  And Mr. S didn’t mind either!
This is just a quick peek at the rest of my outfit.  I took the pic with the VS bra first (not even thinking)! 
dress :: BCBG (old – from the outlet)
necklace :: gifted from MIL
cuff bracelet :: Mai Tai
shoes :: Coach (from Marshall’s)
Hope this helps any of you who have heard of the brand but are on the fence because of the cost.  It’s a great bra!  Again, I’m so excited that I was lucky enough to win this bra set!  I cannot believe I had not tried their bras previously!  I’m a convert!

16 thoughts on “TLBC bra: I’m a Lucky Ducky!

  1. Congratulations on winning that giveaway!  you are right, the new set from TLBC gives a smoother illusion versus VS…that is where I buy everything.  Gotta look into something else!

  2. Oh Wow Sam! Super Congratulations Girl!!! You winning that contest was truly a Win-Win! You’re now connected with a great company that makes beautiful undergarments that FIT well (love the little sticker). That bra and panty set is gorgeous (love the color too)! Amateur photographer patootie! I SEE the difference in the pictures. Don’t look back! Buy TLBC’s new line. HAHA It looks great on you. Have a great Tuesday Sam! You look great. P.S. ~ I’m lovin’ that dress!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  3. That’s so good to know about! I’m not quite a 28A, but still have a fairly hard to find size as a 32C. For some reason, most companies start at 34C and only do 32A and 32B which are too small for me. Thanks for letting us know about it! Oh, and you are looking classy and chic as always in that lovely dress of yours :)

  4. Thanks Bessie! It was really great to learn about this kind of specialty company! And even better when it works! :0)

  5. Thank you Cara! I thought I could see a difference but I was afraid I was biased since I knew which bra I had on! And my photo skills are ~meh! I got so excited when I saw the shoes at Marshall’s!

  6. At least you know of a bra place in the states now! (So if your HK visits are sporadic then you can still get a bra!)

  7. Thank you Kim!! You always have the sweetest things to say! I did feel like it was a win-win! I was so happy with the color (because I usually get nude colored undergarments anyways) and I love the lace detailing! And I’m still working on photography skills! Lol! Have a fabulous week! xo

  8. What a lovely bra and panty set! You definitely can see the difference in the second picture.  Great cuff and shoes today! 

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