Style of Sam (SOS): Cropped Pants

We got a sneak peek at Fall weather in Texas, and now I’m trying to wear all the summer pieces that didn’t get much love!  Inspired by Bessie from Bravoe Runway, I pulled a pair of patterned crop pants out of my closet.  I couldn’t find the right button down, so I paired it with this top!  It has a little flair because of the collar! 

top :: CABI cinema top
pants :: Theory (gifted from mom)
jewelry :: Premier
shoes :: Chanel
bag :: Coach
The collar is a different texture than the body of this top.  It gives me the the ability to make it really high and dramatic or lay flat. Excuse the wrinkles in my pants!! I didn’t realize it when I was taking these photos! Ooopss!

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

17 thoughts on “Style of Sam (SOS): Cropped Pants

  1. Oh wow, those pants are FABULOUS. And I love how you kept the styling fairly simple to really let them shine.

  2. LOVE IT Samantha!!! Bessie is the best!!! She’s given me so many ideas! I continue to learn. Love reading her blog! :) I LOVE your outfit. Those pants are awesome. Love the green & blue color in them AND the pattern! And I love the collar on your top. It frames your neck and necklace beautifully! Simply beautiful! Thanks for entering the contest. She makes some really great stuff, that’s why I wanted to showcase her! Have an awesome Monday beautiful lady! :)

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  3. I love this WHOLE OUTFIT!  And those pants are from your mom?  She has awesome taste and I love that blouse too!  You look amazing as always!

  4. Thank Inna!  They kind of out there, but I really like the turquoise and green combination so I’ve held on to them for years! 

  5. Bessie!  Thanks to your great outfit post for the inspiration!  My mom gave them to me long ago but I haven’t worn them as often as I like!

  6. Hi Stylish!  These are not the most comfy heels because they are probably a 1/2 size too big so the heels slip off.  I wear heel cushions to help with that.  (It was hard for me to pass these up because 1) I love them and 2) they were on sale.  However, I don’t really recommend buying incorrect shoe size even I did!)  My other Chanel booties are comfy though!  They’re the correct size! :o)

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