Mad Men Mania

Even though I’ve never watched a full episode of Mad Men, I still appreciate the genius of their costume designer, Janie Bryant.  I LOVE feminine dresses from that era.  This dress is an old Ross find, but the shape is just lovely and seems to be inspired from that time! 

dress and belt :: Ross
purse :: Gianni Bini
shoes :: Me Too
I really like the details on the dress… red piping and cloth covered buttons, the red sash to cinch the sleeves, wide lapel, and the graphic black and white print.  I switched out the belt (so it doesn’t match exactly… but you know how I am about matching).  I wore this dress to work with a red skinny belt and flats instead.

 These red heels make me feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!  I really like the little bows!

25 thoughts on “Mad Men Mania

  1. This is so pretty, I love the feminie details of the a-line skirt and the little bows at the sleeves- definitely Don Draper worthy!

  2. This dress is so pretty, I love the print and the red accents!  We don’t have Ross in Chicago so I haven’t been in one in years.  The last time I was there was back in 2007 when I was working as a consultant and travelled to Seattle!  I miss the deals that I’d find there :D

  3. Very nice! I can’t seem to find anything like that that fits lately, so I’m about ready to make an etsy custom-made purchase. It’s just like, do I drop $120 on a single awesome dress that will actually fit? I guess it will be a leap of faith…I love the red accessories. I just got myself a red purse on a lark. I’m surprised what it goes with. I was afraid of it at first.

  4. Stylish with a Budget Katherine fleurdelyss Thanks you ladies!!  The dress makes me feel happy – always good at work! :o)

  5. I haven’t watched Mad Men before either.  I have heard good things about it…but then again, I don’t watch much TV but prefer to read instead…

    Oh anyway, this is a pretty dress!  I actually have a coat which somewhat similar…with the black and white print and red piping and ribbons too….  hmm…maybe it’s time to dig it out and show you what I mean with an outfit post :P

  6. You should really watch the show, it’s great! :)
    I love the outfit very much, the red accents of the dress are so cute!

    Ps. Did you check out the Mad Men Banana Republic collection? They have some VERY nice dresses that you might like!

  7. i don’t watch mad men. i tried watching once, but was put off by the constant smoking. however, i do love the dresses from that era. 

    i love your outfit, samantha — so retro!

  8. Sam, you are the best dressed pharmacist I’ve ever known!  I love every single outfit. I also like the way you do your hair. I’ve only ever tied it back in a ponytail and all my friends hate it!

  9. i love red accents against black/white!  pretty dress and i hate you for always finding the good stuff at ross :)

  10. Girl! I’ve help you find some good stuff too! This was from when we lived in Temple! They had the best Ross and Marshall’s!

  11. Thanks Marlene! My hair person is really great and shows me how to make things easy. But ponytails are very chic! I can’t believe your friends don’t like it!

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