Party Dress

I love the idea of a party dress, and I got this baby blue one with that idea in mind.  Truth be told, it has just sat in my closet for the last year and a half.  Since it’s Friday, why not come up with a party dress idea?  I’m ready to have some fun!  Are you?

dress :: Rodarte for Target
tuxedo blazer :: Zac Posen for Target
earrings :: Premier
belt :: JCrew
bowtie booties :: Chanel
clutch :: vintage (from when I was a kid – can you tell I’m a pack rat?)
I fell in love with this dress when I saw it at Target.  I’m really not sure why – it’s kind of a cross between a Barbie doll dress, figure skater outfit, and an eighties revival.  But, it just looks so sweet and felt very Anthropologie-ish to me!  I decided to pair it with a black blazer and booties to make a statement.
You can see the lace top and netting, which gives the illusion that it’s strapless but it’s not.  And the polka dot skirt adds more texture!  See why I got it?!  I also wanted to point out the fabulous detail on this blazer.  However, the quality is not there.  The seams on the back of the blazer are coming apart because of the type of material that was used.  (I love this blazer so much that I bought another one off ebay and the same thing has happened on the back seams.)  That is sometimes a problem when you get items from the Target collaborations.  Great design but lesser quality.
And last, I chose this clutch to go with my party dress!  It used to have a blue satin rope as a shoulder strap but I cut them off when they started to fray.  (You can see the rings where they belonged.)  My mom gave it to me when I was younger, and I’ve had it since.  I always thought the embroidery was so pretty.

Happy Friday!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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