LBD and a Scarf Trick!

Thank you to everyone for all the sweet words, well wishes, and prayers.  It really means a lot!  I’m done with all my Omaha outfits.  The other comfy dresses and outfits I wore have been featured on my blog already here and here and here.  Today’s outfit is a re-creation is from our Kauai vacation for dinner one night.

Funny story really!  I hardly wanted any pictures of us because of my “Snooki face”.  What do you mean?  Well, I’m allergic to chemical sunblock but can use physical sunblock, like titanium dioxide in mineral makeup.  I wanted more spf than my mineral makeup offered so I bought Bare Escentuals (BE) SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen.  Since I wear medium beige in BE, I picked up “medium” since “light” and “tan” wouldn’t match.  Of course, there was no need to try it on since I wear the stuff anyways.  WRONG!!  It was completely the wrong color, and I looked like an Oompa Loompa on my face! Or as Mr. S and I referred to myself,  Snooki face.  There’s nothing like going around Kauai with an orange face!  (Eventually, I got smart and decided to just use my regular mineral makeup.)

 dress :: Icebreaker
scarf :: Zac Posen for Target
necklace :: thrifted (from an estate sale)
earrings :: Old Navy gifted from a sweet gal pal
wedges :: Coach

Anyways, I digress.  The point of this post is to show you another way to wear a scarf – as a cocoon vest!  This trick works well with square scarves.  You take the ends on one side and tie them in a knot.  The knot can be little or big, and that will adjust the size of your cocoon vest.  (I leave my knots smaller so I have a bigger vest.)  Here is the left side tied:
Then, the right side is tied.  Your arms go into the middle and out the sides.  Voila!  Here is your vest!

This is the back view of the cocoon vest.  It’s pretty large since my knots are so small.  If you want the front to be more dramatic, then make the knots larger!

I’m trying to show you my jewelry and I guess my earring got stuck sideways!  Oops!

Hope you enjoyed!

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