Max Max Maxi

Here’s another jewel from my mom!  This maxi dress reminds me of a flamenco skirt because of all the colors, the fullness, and the ruffle on the bottom.  I don’t have to wear much jewelry with it since it is decorated near the waistline with some red beads.

dress :: F21
shoes :: JCrew
earrings :: Premier
necklace :: Satya gifted from my lovely cuz
When I was taking these pictures, I had to keep an eye on my cat.  See him in the first picture looking innocent?  In the second picture, he’s about to eat my purse!  I’m not kidding!  He’s actually worse than my dog about chewing things up!  (No worries – I didn’t let him eat my LV!)

I would never have thought to combine the colors brown, red, purple, mint, and green but somehow it works on the dress!  And the necklace is so special to me.  It has a lotus stamped in the middle of the circle and three decorative turquoise stones.  The lotus symbolizes new beginnings and infinite potential, and the turquoise represent healing!