Sending some love to Omaha

We’re back!!  It’s great to be back in Texas even if it IS still hotter than fire here!  Mr. S and I were in Omaha, Nebraska for a medical procedure that I had done. (We’ve been trying to start a family for over five years and maybe, one day, I’ll go into the details.)

To keep things comfy while on the mend, I wore a lot of loose dresses and skirts.  There were a lot of gorgeous picture opportunities in Omaha, but I really wasn’t quite up to it.  So, this is a recreation of my outfit!

 top, skirt, and clear necklace :: Anthropologie (top and necklace are old)
shoes :: JCrew (these are old and from a sale)
angel necklace :: Target
earrings :: F21

This skirt is a great transition piece.  There are so many colors in the skirt so you can be bright for summer or muted for Fall!  It’s a little long for flats, but I just roll the elastic waistband once and it works!  I plan on wearing it as a strapless dress soon (since Texas summers last forever)!

Now, let’s start talking about Nebraska!  Exploring Omaha was such a nice surprise!  (Really, we didn’t know what to expect!  I only know about corn huskers from football so I was expecting a lot of corn fields!)  First, the people are SO NICE (even nicer than Texans)!  Second, the weather was Heaven compared to Texas.  Third, Omaha has so many charming restaurants and architecture!!

Three places I would definitely recommend:

  1. Blueline Coffee – It’s my idea of what a coffee place should be!  (We walked to the downtown location from our hotel.)  Great eclectic little place with fabulous coffee!  And all the goods are baked by the owner.  We were grabbing coffee and a “breakfast-to-go” on our way to an appointment.  I usually don’t like muffins because they are too sweet, but the carrot apple raisin muffin was just perfect.  Too bad I didn’t have time for the quiche!!
  2. Vivace Italian Restaurant – It’s contemporary Italian.  We weren’t sure what contemporary meant, but the food is good.  That’s all that matters!
  3. Ted and Wally’s Homemade Ice Cream – Mr. S called me the devil because I made him go into this place!  But really, where else are you going to get flavors like “local bee pollen” and “zucchini bread”?  We had the local bee pollen ice cream and it was yum!  Everything is made naturally and the old fashioned way with rock salt and ice!

The one place that I didn’t get to try was Dixie Quicks because they were closed for summer break.  Apparently, they have a mean brunch!!  And I LOVE brunch.  Maybe next time…

We were welcomed home by some nice surprises!  First, our dear friends sent us some artwork created by their daughters!  LOVELY and isn’t it so cute!! (Excuse the picture quality – it was an iphone pic at night.)
The next day, we had a quick surprise visit from my BIL and SIL, and they brought beautiful flowers.
Hope you enjoyed my quick Omaha recap!  Gotta give props to such a great city!

Happy Monday!!