Workin Gal: Bags

Mr. S is always talking about having the right tools for a job.  You wouldn’t expect a carpenter to work without a hammer!  And this workin’ gal has to have the right bags at work!  Here’s a group shot of my working bags:

First up is a fun lunch bag.  I decided I needed a cute lunch bag when my coworkers BP and ST would come and fashionably eat at our weekly meetings.  I ended up with this polka dot thermal bag from Target.  (And that little thing hanging off it is from a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  I think it’s a Speed Racer thing!  I’m pretty sure that makes my lunch bag 10x more awesome!)  Basically, I needed something BIG and cute (cuz meez a hungry gal at work)!

Next is my main bag.  It’s big enough to hold all my essentials (wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses, phone) and some more (girl stuff, hand sanitizer, gum) and even more (printed articles, random work print outs, other junk that I throw in).  I got it on ebay years ago so another oldie but goodie!

I switch between my black bag and this beautiful brown bag.  It holds a lot – so everything above plus a laptop!  The only disadvantage to this bag is it weighs about 5-10 pounds empty!  So when I throw the kitchen sink in, it gets REALLY HEAVY!  This chocolate leather goodness was bought at a Coach outlet.

When I was working more, sometimes I would get “project time” to work on things for the pharmacy residents, etc.  I would use this bag to bring all my extra papers, articles, or PSAP modules.  I LOVE this bag!  (Now I use it to haul my stuff to ballet.)  I ordered this bag from Banana Taipei last August and didn’t receive it until October.  I was ecstatic when I received the bag!  Now, I think a similar bag is available in the US from another retailer.

Well, these are my workin gal bags!  Hope you enjoyed!  {Part of my Workin Gal series!}