Looking back… on El Salvador

This past March, I was lucky enough to go on a medical mission trip to San Salvador, El Salvador. It was such a blessing to be there and helped changed my perspective on life.  Around seventy volunteers (including medical, PA, and graduate students, doctors, a nurse, a microbiologist, an engineer, an optometrist, and pharmacists) went for a week with the goal to help as many as possible with our resources from the states.  We set up 3 clinics and saw over 700 patients in just a couple of days.
It was such an honor to be a part of that trip.  All of the patients were so grateful for our help.  But really, it was the openness and thankfulness of the patients and missionaries that touched our hearts and healed us
I am a naturally timid and unadventurous person.  Going on a mission trip always seemed like a good idea IF I was going with someone else like Mr. S or some friends.  I never imagined going by myself.  The week before the trip, both of my friends were unable to go for personal reasons.  I had a decision to make – either go “by myself” or cancel (and be out some cash).  Luckily, something inside me pushed me to go – I think it was faith.
I grew up in humble beginnings and was blessed to be helped by so many people as I developed.  Whether it was financial, spiritual, or just friendship, I’ve become the person I am because of all these people and experiences.  Mr. S and I are very thankful – we have each other, jobs, a home, and our health.  Of course, we still want for somethings (like a family), but we know that God has a plan.  Because I feel so fortunate, it’s important for me to give back.  Personally, it makes me feel like a better person when I know that I’ve helped someone else (since I’ve been on the receiving end at so many times in my life).  Everyone needs a little help, even if it is from a stranger.
Thanks for listening to my little rant.  Just wanted to share some of my thoughts.