Innerwear as Outerwear

Have you ever worn a robe as a dress?  Well, this is it!  I’m wearing a silk robe over a slip with lace trim.  (Okay, so maybe I wear robes as regular clothing more often than I think – see here!)  I can’t claim it as my own idea.  I saw it awhile back on Tien at her blog Adiaphane!  The lace trim of the slip shows beautifully and adds length to the robe dress.  Who would have thought to wear a slip and robe as a dress?  Thanks Tien! 

robe and slip :: Anthropologie Rinzu Robe and Saint Germain Chemise
belt and bag :: vintage Hermes (from ebay)
clogs :: Chanel
necklaces :: Target, Anthropologie
bracelet :: Mai Tai

To make it a little less feminine, I added a belt and clogs.  Maybe, I “man repelled” it?!

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!