Most people think of the word purple simply as a name of a color. For me, purple invokes some funny memories.  My senior year in college, I lived with three other girls in a house. (Class of ’98! Whoop! I’m an oldie but goodie!) My roommate Sarah would answer the phone “PURPLE“!  No “hello” or “____ Residence” but sing songy and happy “purple“! This really confused the heck out of Mr. S (we were dating back then) and my gal pals when they called (and really anyone who called the house when she answered)!
Well, here’s to purple and the great memories!

Don’t mind the dog back there!  I think I’m interrupting nap time for Franklin!

dress :: Gap
scarf :: Anthropologie
bracelets :: Mai Tai, F21, thrifted
shoes :: Coach
bag :: Chanel

I love this linen dress for summer.  It’s such a vibrant shade of purple and I felt like this gauzy scarf was the perfect accessory to complement it!  Another great things about this dress is pockets!  Skirts/Dresses + Pockets = Fabulous!