RE: Out of the Office

Hello Lovelies!
Mr. S and I are going to be traveling a lot this August.  I think we’ll be gone about the same time that we will be home!  Since it’s hard for me to blog while traveling, I’ve decided to schedule different posts (some about fashion and some about home and life).  The fashion posts will be a “Workin’ Gal” series – outfits that I have worn to work +/- accessories.  (And when I say accessories, I mean purses.  I have certain bags that I use only for work… coming soon in a post!)  Hope you guys enjoy the posts and bear with me if I don’t reply to all comments or emails right away.
{Disclaimer for all my pharmacy friends: All open toed shoes were worn when I was staffing in the basement and not on the floors or in the IV room!}