The LWD (Little Wool Dress)

Wearing wool in summer sounds pretty crazy, (even typing this out sounds crazy) but I wanted to tell you about my little wool dress (LWD)!  I have one black and one striped LWD from a brand called Icebreaker.  Icebreaker brand wool clothing is considered technical gear that can be found at retailers like REI and Backwoods.  Supposedly, you can climb Mount Everest or travel the Sahara in this stuff!  (I’m a pushover for multipurpose/multi-wear items!)  The natural fibers keep you cool in hot weather and insulate in cool weather.  And each item has a tag with a “BaaCode” so you can find out which group of sheep helped make your clothing!  So, these LWD are perfect year round – either by themselves or layered.  Here was my LWD in action for work!

dress :: Icebreaker
necklace and earrings :: Premier
jacket :: F21
shoes :: Me Too

I’ve got to figure out how to do videos so I can do a tutorial on how to tie your belt so it looks like a braid!