Birthday Suit

I would never REALLY wear my birthday suit on the blog!  But, I AM wearing an outfit for a birthday… virtual birthday that is!  Nowadays, so many things are done electronically and via the internet!  Why not birthday parties, right?!  That would be the ingenious idea of Kim at Anthroholic!  She is the queen of all things Anthropologie!
So, this was my outfit to her 2 year blog birthday party!  And I brought some cherries on an Anthropologie platter.  (I ran out of “virtual” time and couldn’t bake any “virtual” cupcakes!)  You can see me and the other party attendees on her blog here!

dress, flower pin, shoes, and platter :: Anthropologie
belt :: JCrew

close up of the bling
earrings and flower pin :: Anthropologie
pearl bracelet :: Premier

{P.S. I am fully expecting a ribbing from those XY chromosomes that take a look at my blog… I know, virtual birthday party?  But, it’s all in fun!}