Most people think of a gala as a formal event.  In fact, I did.  And when Mr. S told me that we had a gala to attend that night, I panicked.  WHAT? Thanks, Mr. S, for not telling me about a gala when I was packing for Colorado!  I didn’t bring any formal attire!  Luckily, I was able to ask another wife about the dress code.  She informed me that the gala was a western theme and would be outside with BBQ, bull riding, and gun slinging.  WHAT?  Thanks again, Mr. S, for not telling me about the theme (since I’m one of those people who like hat day, mismatched socks day, Halloween, etc.)!  So instead of a cowboy hat, crazy bedazzled western gear, and boots with spurs, this is what I wore to the gala (the same outfit that I wore for the day, boo)…

tunic top :: Rogan for Target
pants :: Ann Taylor
belt :: H&M
cardigan :: CABI
shoes :: Repetto

I really like the stripe down the back of the tunic!   Definitely makes it interesting! 

And this is Mr. S taking a ride on the mechanical bull! Yee haw y’all!!