Rocky Mountain Travels

We had a welcome relief from the Texas heat this last week!  Mr. S had a conference in Keystone, Colorado.  Since I had some free time, I tagged along to enjoy the breath taking views of the Rocky Mountains.   Don’t mind if I do!!
We stayed at a charming lodge that had a wonderful view from our balcony!  I already miss it!

shirt :: American Apparel
scarf :: CABI gifted from MIL
jeans :: Hudson
belt :: H&M
shoes :: Repettos

Since I couldn’t do full length pictures, I took shots of the top and bottom.  Silly, I know.  Here, I almost got to the knees!

My MIL gave me this bag as an early birthday present the day before we left!  It’s the perfect “carry on” bag.  It even comes with a detachable pouch on the inside.  She wasn’t sure if I would like it!  I LOVE IT!  It’s pink, cute, AND useful!  What’s not to love?!

bag :: Cole Haan