We went out to dinner with Mr. S’s family for a little celebration.  To keep cool, I wore this silk halter top.  When I first saw this in the Urban Outfitters catalog years ago, I was IN LOVE!!  But I kept debating on whether or not to get it… $48 was MUCHO dinero for me at that time.  But it’s silk (once again, sucker for silk!) and gorgeous!  I decided to bite the bullet and I’m so glad that I did!  It makes me so happy every time I put it on!

top: Urban Outfitters
jeggings: Ann Taylor
tube top (under): Express
heels: Gianni bini
purse: Coach gifted from SIL

This was how it was styled in the catalog – with just a lacy bra underneath.  I thought about wearing it this way (for less than one second) and realized it’s best to leave that to models!