Scarf It Up!

Classic white and denim is one of my favorite combinations!  To change it up, I decided to scarf it!  (I know it’s crazy because it’s so hot here, but there are some things that I just do for fashion!  Mr. S reminded me that it was NOT cold.  He is always such a great helper!) 

tank: Banana Republic
jeans: Old Navy (My cousin and I have the same pair bought in 2000 for $10.  They have gotten her through 2 pregnancies!  These are my most comfy jeans!)
wedges: Coach
scarf: gifted from SIL

To make my black purse a little more colorful,  I wrapped a skinny scarf around the handles!
(Coach scarf)

blinging bracelets (from left to right):
gold – thrifted from estate sale
black – F21
zebra – Pier One
wooden – gifted from a gal pal from Africa

Since it was so hot, I actually wore my hair up using spin pins – they actually work!  (B this is for you!)  Whenever I wear my hair up, a lot of people ask me if I’m Japanese.  (I’m Chinese.)  But it’s weird, I usually get asked when my hair is up!  To be be silly, I did an “Asian” pose taught to me by my non-Asian best friend living in China (wink wink M)!

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