Summer Whites

The triple digit temperatures have been killer here in Texas.  Again, I go back to my trusty friend white.  It always makes feel cooler.  And it’s pretty simple to throw on a white dress and accessorize.  This time, I dressed it up with large earrings, a straw purse, and platform sandals.  One of my gal pals says that large earrings are part of my signature style.  She said she noticed them in all the pictures around my house!  (Never knew that about myself until recently – shows you how in tune with myself I am! Hah!)

dress: Ross
earrings: F21
purse: Limited
shoes: Coach

These earrings are fun because they are a mix of good neutral colors – gold, black, grey, and cream.  I know white and cream don’t really match – but I move my head a lot (so hopefully no one notices)!

One of my other gal pals said that she liked seeing my poses!  (What! I always feel so awkward!)  I decided to try an “action shot” for her!  Here you go S!

Speaking of simple, you can win a free year membership of Real Simple magazine here at Lexy’s Closet.  She is an east coast blogger that is about cost-cutting couture!  Check it out!