New Blog Design/ Layout

Welcome to my new blog design!! 

Sorry I have schizophrenia with my blog design and layout, but I’ve struggled with keeping the blog minimal (like other fashion blogs) and going all out cutesy (cause who doesn’t need a dose of that from time to time).  Some readers told me they liked the grey/white chevron and yellow combination (before the stark white blog) so I decided to add some color back to the blog.  Since I’ve been doing the editing myself, there is a lot of experimenting!  Mr. S. said I could be like Google and change my blog designs from time to time!  That’s why he’s a keeper!

These two whiz kids have been super helpful with great blog ideas and tutorials!!  Pugly Pixel and Makin Cute Blogs

You should check them out if your blog needs a facelift (or just to see how amazing they are)!  Mine certainly did!  They helped me turn my blog from drab to fab!

Also, I’ve been using a new commenting platform that should be a little more user friendly.  Let me know your thoughts!

Stay tuned for Friday!!! It’s going to be good!  :o)

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