Star Spangled Toes

Last year, my cousins and aunt showed up at a family event with fabulous red, white, and blue toes.  I knew I had to recreate that fun on my feet this year for Independence Day.  Meet my star spangled toes!  (Don’t look too closely because it looks like a fifth grader may have done my pedicure, but it was me!)

So, here is how I created the flag on my toes…

What you need:

  • red, white, and blue nail polish
  • base/top coat
  • toothpicks and/or thin brush

Start with a base coat.  Paint the big toes with blue polish and the remaining toes with red polish.  LET DRY!  (I tried to rush and it didn’t work well!)  Dip the toothpick (or thin brush) into the white polish and create the stars and stripes.  I used the toothpick for the stripes and an old lipliner brush to make the stars.  Let the stars and stripes DRY COMPLETELY!  Then finish with a top coat.  Next time, I’ll leave it to the professionals!  (But it was fun enough to try!)

Happy Independence Day and Happy Sunday (to my international readers)!

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