What’s up Doc?!

Don’t you just love that time of the year when you have to go to the doctor for (whispering) a well woman exam?  Well, I can tell you that it’s one of my least favorite things to do!  Usually, my blood pressure is up (Who me? Nervous? About you? Dr. fill in the name putting a cold metal speculum into my hoohah? Nah!).  Then, you have wait undressed with the “cover up”.  I usually change positions on the exam table multiple times while waiting for the doctor to come in – legs dangling, legs crossed indian style (feet get sweaty, that’s going to gross out my doc because his/her head will be by my feet), then back to legs dangling, etc.  By the time the doctor comes back in, I’m usually worked into a tizzy.  Yet, I try to be pleasant, and smile, and respond back when they ask me about how work is going, etc. while doing the breast exam.  Doesn’t he/she notice how white my knuckles are even though my hands are gingerly laid over my belly?  Yikes, just writing about it stresses me out!  Anyways, I’m glad that’s over with!  (I probably need to get a prescription for some Valium before I head in next year!)

Here was my outfit to visit the doctor!

shirt: Anthropologie
jeans: Hudson (thrifted)
shoes: Carlos Santana (Marshall’s)
belt: Calvin Klein (Marshall’s)
necklace: F21
bag: LV

The necklace is so thin and dainty that it reminds me of a piece gold lace!

I love the sleeves on this shirt.  They can be worn rolled up, which completely changes the look of the shirt.