Style of Sam (SOS): Bright + White

This summer, I’ve really been wearing a lot of white!  White makes me think I feel cooler because I’m  sure the heat reflects off me (versus black absorbing all the heat… just a little science lesson for you)!  When I was at Target running errands and looking at things I don’t need, this bright robe called out of the clearance rack to me!  (Let’s ignore the ban thing okay?)  It’s perfect to spruce up my whites!  Even though it’s “technically” lounge wear for the house, I channeled my inner Nicole Richie and decided to wear it over a white ensemble for a friend’s housewarming party.

robe: Calypso St. Barth for Target (some stuff still on the website here)
tank: Old Navy
necklace: gifted from Mom
belt: H&M
jeans: CABI
shoes: RL
bag: LV

I used the belt it came with to cinch it in back and I safety pinned the extra ties on the inside (for use as a robe) so I could wear it out!

Speaking of brights, fellow Fort Worth blogger Sheridan French is having a giveaway to win one of her amazing designs here!  Check it out!  She is a fashionable mommy and so cute and hilarious!

Happy Monday!