Hippie Chic

Pleated skirts and wide leg pants are making headlines in the trend reports.  See here and here.  What if you combined the two?  Then, you’d get whatever my fancy pants are… pleated palazzo pants?  I found them at a resale shop for $7.  They’re cute and comfy with a fun print (and make me feel like a hippie)!  The pattern makes them fit for drapes or even a pillow, but I still like them a lot!

tank: H&M
belt: Anthropologie
bottom: thrifted
wedges: Coach
bag: Chanel

Showing you the wide pant legs – it looks like a skirt when I’m standing!

Since the pants are so busy, I paired it with a neutral close fitting top and cinched it with a belt.

One of my friends suggested wearing it with a tube top! So here you go!

tube top: Express

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  1. Thank you Anonymous!

    @C,C,&C – I know! I should have kept my palazzo pants from back then! But I just had plain black ones – nothing as flashy as these!

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