Quick Tip Tuesday: Necklace Length

I wanted to start a new addition to the blog – Quick Tip Tuesday.  It won’t be every Tuesday, just whenever I think of a good tip to share.  Let me know what you think!

A friend and I were getting ready for a celebration dinner the other night.  She wanted to wear a necklace but it was not the right length for her dress neckline.  It was a little too long and kept hiding in her dress.  I showed her a little trick that I do to temporarily alter my necklaces to fit certain necklines.

I use a hair elastic to shorten the necklace in back.  (This is good if you have longer hair.)  If you have shorter hair or want to wear your hair up, then I recommend using a ribbon or scarf to make it appropriate to show in the back!  I’ve also used the scarf/ribbon trick to double-up really long necklaces and add some pizazz at the same time!

top: Anthropologie
earrings: Chanel (from Paris 2008 trip)
scarf: Coach
necklace: Premier
If you have any other tips to help with necklace length, please share!  I’d love to hear them!

5 thoughts on “Quick Tip Tuesday: Necklace Length

  1. I love the way the scarf looks from the back!!! This is a great tip. I have one long strand of faux pearls that I don’t wear very often, but I will definitely change up the look like this the next time.

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